Get an Estimate for Furnace Repair in Savannah

Published on: October 26, 2012

Are you looking for a company that provides furnace repair in Savannah? Getting an estimate for furnace equipment repair is really not difficult at all. Simply find a company that will provide you with a written estimate for the repair work. Some companies will even provide written estimates for furnace repair in Savannah for free. Be careful, however, when you invite a heating and air conditioning company into your home to estimate a repair or installation job. You will need to be confident that the company is trustworthy and their technicians are legitimate and will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

Obtaining an Accurate Estimate for Furnace Repair in Savannah

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate for a furnace repair, the heating and air conditioning company you choose will dispatch a technician to your home. Any company that provides you with a quote for a furnace repair over the phone is either not a reliable company or they are attempting to rope you into a shady deal. In order to properly estimate any kind of heating and air conditioning repair job, the technician will need to briefly visit your home. For a repair, the estimate needs to visually inspect the unit. Even if you know quite a bit about your furnace, the company will still need to send a technician to your home to visually inspect the job and provide you with a written estimate.

Selecting the Company to Provide You with an Estimate

Some companies will provide you with a free written estimate for repair work. Established, trustworthy companies will provide you with a formal written estimate for each repair job. You will be free to elicit additional quotes from other companies. However, if you perform a little due diligence prior to obtaining your quote, you will likely only need an estimate from one excellent, trustworthy and reliable company.

Research the Savannah GA HVAC Company

Research the companies you choose to provide you with a repair estimate. Find out a little history about the company and how they do business before inviting them into your home. Researching a heating and air conditioning company is not complicated. First, visit their website. In this day and age, any established heating and air conditioning company will have a website, with only a few exceptions. Granted, there are still some heating and air conditioning companies that do not yet have a website. However, those companies that are established and successful will likely have a web presence.

Review the Company’s Location and History

On the company’s website, first look to make sure that they have a business location. An established company of any type will have a physical location. Again, there may be a few exceptions, such as the small company that does business out of a home office. Most legitimate companies will operate out of a physical business location. Check to make sure that the business has a business phone. Fly-by-night companies in Savannah GA have been known to only use a cell phone for doing business. Even better, make sure the company provides emergency service and offers a phone number for 24 hour, seven day service calls.

How Long in Business?

One good indicator of how reputable and reliable a company will be is the length of time they have been in business, under the same name in the Savannah GA community. Many companies will simply change the company name and reopen their business if they have developed a less than stellar reputation. If a company has been in business for a number of years in the same location, they have likely developed a good business and have good relationships with members of the community. Many companies will list their number of years in business on their website in the “About Us” section. Check to see if the company provides some insight into the company in this section.

Free Estimates?

Check the website to see if the company offers free estimates on all jobs. You may even want to call them and directly ask them if they guarantee their estimates. This means that, if they provide you with a written estimate, the company guarantees that the estimated price is the price you will pay. Some less than reputable businesses will give you a quote and then find several reasons to add costs to the quote. You should be able to trust that the price that is estimated for the job is the price you will pay.

Emergency Service?

Make sure that any company you select to perform your equipment repair provides emergency service. Most heating and air conditioning repair companies provide for emergency calls and post their emergency phone number on the website. You may pay more for service that is needed during off hours, but if you lose heat in the middle of the coldest night of the season, you will want to have a number that you can call for fast service.

Guaranteed Work?

A great company will guarantee their repair work. Check to see that the HVAC company you hire to repair your equipment stands by the work they do with a guarantee.

Getting estimates for your repair job is not difficult. You may need to spend a little time finding the right company for the job. Be sure to get any estimate for furnace repair in writing. All reputable heating and air conditioning repair services will provide you with a written estimate for the work.