How to Properly Diagnose Your Heating System in Hinesville

Published on: November 30, 2012

A chilly winter morning in Hinesville GA can be unpleasant if you wake up to discover that your heating system isn’t working correctly. After you collect your thoughts in the midst of your frustration, it’s important to take a moment to check a few basic factors before calling in a professional service to fix things. You will want to check for power outages or blown fuses first. If your unit is a gas-operated furnace, you will want to make sure there are no utility problems in the area. You will also want to check for any storm damage.


If you’ve made an initial check of your system and the utilities in your area, then you should proceed to contact a contractor to service your heating system in Hinesville. Take time to review the documentation that you have related to your system so that you are careful to comply with warranty stipulations. For example, many brands require that only authorized dealers and contractors service their units. Failure to comply with this guideline may void your warranty. Minimally, you would be fully responsible for the costs of repair or replacement of your heating system. Additionally, you might find that not using a company that is well-versed in servicing your system could lead to poor repair work.


If your system is no longer under warranty, it’s still wise to select a contractor who is familiar with the brand. It’s also important to look for a contractor that is licensed according to local guidelines. Oversight of contractors is managed to ensure that consumers’ interests are protected if repair work is not acceptable. You can further research online or through the Better Business Bureau to find out about your company’s reputation.


If it’s the first instance of especially cold weather of the season, you may find that service is delayed because of excessive calls for repairs. This is a common occurrence, and you should be patient. While your home may be a little uncomfortable, these early winter instances are rarely in the midst of severe storms and icy temperatures. If your family is vulnerable because of elderly or young members of the household, be sure to inform your contractor so that your service can be handled more quickly.

Severe winter storms and cold snaps can be a little more serious, especially if you have vulnerable individuals in your home. Make sure that you tend to their needs and find warm accommodations until service can be rendered. Again, it’s important to inform your contractor of these issues so that an effort to expedite your service can be made.


Your best defense against needing a serious repair of your heating system during severe weather is having a professional diagnosis of your Hinesville GA unit before winter arrives. You can check the basic operation of your heating system on your own. Check your filter for dirt and mold. Replace a dirty filter right away. If you notice mold, contact a company to service your heating system in Hinesville for duct cleaning. If you notice that your HVAC system doesn’t produce hot air, you can have repairs handled well in advance of cold weather. If your heating system doesn’t seem to produce a consistent airflow from room to room, you can enlist the help of your contractor in sealing your ducts so that energy loss is limited.


You can contract with a company to service your heating system in Hinesville periodically so that the condition is monitored and maintained professionally. This is useful if you have an older system because you can often obtain expedited service if there is a cold weather repair needed. Your professional can also keep you up to date on the performance of your heating system in Hinesville, letting you know when a replacement makes more sense than continued repairs.


Your HVAC company is able to let you know about new equipment options that are better choices for energy efficiency. In many cases, installation of energy saving equipment can save you a lot of money in energy costs. You can also explore brand rebates and sales related to equipment. There are often tax incentives or rebates available for those who install energy saving equipment in the home. Your contractor can apprise you of the current options and help you in exploring relevant system upgrades.


Your contractor is also a great resource for information about new technology and systems in the HVAC industry. You may want to think about a computerized thermostat. This simple device can facilitate system control from a computer or smartphone, even when you aren’t in the house. You can also examine split system models, perfect for providing alternate heating options in the winter. You can use a heat pump for mild heating needs, switching to the furnace in order to save money when the temperatures are colder. This provides a fantastic backup if one part of the system fails during the winter.


Planning ahead is your best strategy for being ready when a failure of your heating system occurs. Your research can enable you to make quick contact in the event of a failure of your system. While it’s impossible to avoid all possible failures, it’s wise to have a quality contractor working with you to prevent as much inconvenience as possible.