Searching for Affordable HVAC in Statesboro

Published on: December 14, 2012

Most companies that provide HVAC in Statesboro offer similar services. These include emergency and routine repairs, new installation and preventative maintenance for all of your HVAC equipment. Some HVAC providers in Statesboro also offer indoor air quality evaluations, home energy audits, plumbing work and electrical contracting. When you contact a company for the first time, you need to specifically ask about the services it provides to ensure you can get what you need. You don’t want to assume that you can schedule several services with the same company and then end up disappointed.

Scheduling Repairs with a Statesboro Heating and Cooling Company

The first contact that many people have with a HVAC company is when they call for emergency repairs. When you are facing a dangerous situation, such as a gas leak or having no heat or cool air in your home, you don’t have time to evaluate companies properly. The only thing that matters is that someone is available to fix your problem at any hour, whether that is during the middle of the night or on a holiday weekend. To avoid a stressful situation, try to find out which heating and cooling contractors offer 24-hours availability before you need it.

If your repair concern isn’t as pressing, you can take your time contacting heating and cooling contractors in this area. One question you always want to ask is whether the company offers free service estimates. Our local dealers provide this service as a convenience to their customers. A cost estimate should include the total cost of parts and labor for the repair that you need to have performed. You also want to ask whether the estimate is based on a flat rate or an hourly rate. With a flat rate, you pay what the estimate states regardless of how long it takes to complete the job. Your final bill may vary either way if you are quoted an hourly rate.

Things to Look for in a Local Repair Company

When you invite a service technician into your home or business, you want to ensure that he or she has the required skills to get the job done promptly and efficiently. You also need to make sure that you are going to be safe. Many heating and cooling contractors work with the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program to provide their employees with the best possible training. Service technicians who go through NATE have the opportunity to specialize in one or more areas related to heating and cooling. 

You should not feel shy about asking what type of background checks are performed on employees before they get hired. The people who arrive at your home should be neat, professional, dressed in company uniform and have visible identification at all times. It is also important that the service technicians you hire have the ability to work on all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment. 

Prevent Unexpected Repair Bills with Regular Tune-Ups

In an ideal world, your heating and cooling equipment would work perfectly and you would never need emergency or unexpected repairs. While preventative maintenance can’t guarantee perfection, you can greatly reduce the chances of your equipment breaking down on you at an inconvenient time. One of the greatest advantages of signing up for a preventative maintenance service contract with a local dealer is that it gives technicians the chance to catch minor problems early. By fixing problems as soon as they are discovered, you can save yourself the cost and aggravation of needing major repairs later.

Some of the other benefits of a preventative maintenance service contract include reduced utility bills, increased lifespan for your heating equipment and air conditioner, improved comfort and reducing the negative impact on the environment. Most professional heating and cooling companies also provide additional benefits to plan members, such as parts and labor discounts and priority scheduling.

New Installation

If your heating system or air conditioner is broken beyond repair, you need to work with a local company to have new equipment installed. You may also choose to replace an existing unit that is simply inefficient. Our local contractors carry a full line of top brand HVAC systems.

Home Energy Audits

Most people want to reduce their energy costs, but they aren’t sure where to start. A professional home energy audit gives you the feedback you need to start making changes in how you use energy in your home. An auditor from a local heating and cooling company tests your ductwork, furnace and air conditioner to determine how much energy each unit is using. He or she also looks at other major appliances that consume energy. When you receive the detailed report from the home energy auditor, you can start reducing your utility costs right away.

Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that indoor air can be just as harmful to your health as outdoor air. If you or a family member has a respiratory condition, you can improve your health by getting product recommendations from one of our local HVAC contractors offering indoor air quality evaluations.