Sneezing, Itchy Eyes – Your Heating & AC System Can Help

Published on: February 23, 2012

If anyone in the house seems to be suffering from allergies with sneezing and itchy, watery eyes, it may not be to anything outside. An air conditioning and heating repair and installation technician can help diagnose the HVAC system to see if the filter and the unit are operating efficiently.

Over time, people can become sensitive to dust, pollen, molds, pet dander, and more. While these things are also outside, they accumulate indoors and become more potent. It is imperative that during an air conditioning and heating repair and installation, the different types of irritants are taken into account. The correct filter or filters can help clean the air to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms.


There are different types of filters available, which you can obtain on your own or during air conditioning and heating repair. Giving detailed information to the HVAC technician will help speed the process of choosing the right filter for your home’s heating and air conditioning unit. Different models are available with HEPA and other filters to clean both the intake air and the air being coming back through the ducting system. Often overlooked for routine cleaning, the ducting system can be dusty, full of allergens, molds, and other unhealthy things.

The HVAC system is the circulatory system of the house. From the thermostat to the room vents, the entire system needs routine maintenance to operate at its best. Maintenance contracts can be set up to service the system in the spring and fall before peak usage begins to prevent air conditioning and heating repair or installation. These contracts often come with discounted repair rates, priority repair scheduling, and other bonuses for customers.


By choosing the right filters with an air conditioning and heating repair and installation, indoor allergy symptoms could be eliminated. In Savannah, GA, spring is full of wondrous flowers. Spring also brings pollens, shedding pets, molds, and more. The HVAC system can remove these items from the air so the occupants are comfortable. With cleaner air, fewer allergic reactions and illnesses occur as well. It makes sense to utilize the HVAC to its fullest potential all year long.