Top 3 Items to Know About Your Lowcountry Home AC

Published on: May 9, 2012

Your home’s air conditioning system not only cools the air to keep you and your family comfortable during hot and humid days and nights, but it also works to control indoor humidity levels and reduce the amount of allergens, bacteria and viruses in the air that you breathe. When it comes to your Lowcountry home air conditioning system, our air conditioning repair technicians explain these top 3 items you need to know.

Importance of Air Conditioning Filters
While the cool air produced by your air conditioning system is the most obvious benefit of your air conditioner, there are many other benefits that you may not have noticed. The air filter in your air conditioner traps mold spores, dust, bacteria and viruses and prevents them from circulating into the air that you and your family breathe. However, failing to replace your air filter once it gets dirty not only negates these benefits, but could actually be making you sick. A dirty air filter cannot prevent dust, mold, bacteria and viruses from being blown throughout your home. Our air conditioning repair technicians recommend replacing the air filter monthly for optimum health.

Air Conditioning Maintenance
Your home’s air conditioner consists of hundreds of separate mechanical and electrical components. Without regular maintenance, these parts cannot effectively do their jobs. Maintaining your air conditioner with an annual tune-up in the spring is the single most important way to ensure your family’s comfort and prevent a costly air conditioning repair. We recommend annual maintenance services including draining of the condensate line, checking refrigerant levels, cleaning the condenser coils, motor and fan, lubricating the compressor and fan motors and checking all electrical connections. Keeping the area around your air conditioner’s condenser unit free of debris from trees, shrubs and grass and removing clutter from nearby vents and the air handler are ongoing maintenance tasks for you to perform.

Air Conditioning Repair
Even with the most careful maintenance, your Lowcountry home AC system may require an occasional air conditioning repair service. Foregoing a needed air conditioner repair will not save you money; in fact, waiting to perform a needed repair may result in a much more costly repair or even a complete breakdown of your system that requires installation of a new air conditioner. By performing a necessary air conditioning repair before the problem gets out of control, you can restore comfort to your home without the expense of a new heating and cooling system.

Air conditioners are one of the most complex and expensive machines used in your home. By properly maintaining and repairing your air conditioner on a regular basis, you can ensure that you and your family will enjoy all the health and comfort benefits of your air conditioning system.