We Are Your Local Heating Contractors in Baxley

Published on: December 28, 2012

There are a variety of heating issues that can crop up during the winter for Baxley residents. Whether you are looking into new equipment to improve the air quality of your home or you have an emergency situation, we are here to serve 24/7. As a local heating contractor in Baxley, we are familiar with climate trends and heating needs in the community. Give us a call to discuss your concerns.

Experience and Integrity

We pride ourselves on serving our customers expertly and efficiently. We are committed to the needs of the community and understand that our reputation is our most important source of advertising. We keep up with current technology and trends in our industry so that we can provide you with the best solutions for your heating needs.

Our Most Common Services

We can cater to unique needs as your local heating contractor. However, there are some common issues that we face related to home heating at various points during the year.

Heating Repairs

Winter is our most active time for heater repairs. Early in the season, there tends to be a spike in service calls from locals who have turned on their heaters for the first time of the year and encountered problems. If this is your current situation, it’s important to contact us quickly so that you can schedule an appointment for service. Let us know what you’ve checked. If you have your model and brand information available, it will help us to do a little preliminary research before we come. 

Winter storms can trigger unexpected repairs as well. Power surges or outages can also cause problems. Outdoor equipment is especially vulnerable to winter storm damage. If your system fails or malfunctions after such a storm, make sure that you contact us quickly.

Equipment Replacement and Installation

When a furnace or heat pump gives out, our heating contractors can make sure that an appropriate replacement is installed. We conduct a load calculation to determine what type of system you need. We will provide you with options that fit your budget. We can also help you explore consumer incentives that might make a more advanced system affordable. 

Energy tax credits have been available in recent years for consumers installing eligible equipment in their homes. The savings can be significant, providing added value to selecting energy-efficient systems. There are also manufacturers who offer loyalty incentives to repeat customers. We will help you examine the costs and benefits of these systems. If you are installing a system in a new home or business, then we will help you stay within your construction budget by finding the right system and providing affordable installation services. 

Maintenance Service Calls

Our tune-up services are becoming very popular. It’s not a pleasant situation to have your heater fail during the cold weather. A tune-up can help catch problems before winter arrives. You’ll also appreciate improved performance and lower energy bills when your equipment is operating at manufacturer specifications.

We do an overall inspection of your equipment. We adjust moving parts and lubricate as needed. We will make sure that connections are tight. We look for cracks and leaks. Your ducts are inspected for leaks and signs of dirt or mold. We will let you know about any vulnerabilities in your system. If repairs are needed, we will make appropriate recommendations. 

Air Quality Concerns

As your local heating contractor, we are familiar with air quality issues affecting the Baxley area. You may be worried about cold and flu germs circulating in your heating system during the winter. You may worry about mold that can be common in our humid climate. You may be frustrated at the dry skin you experience when your heater is operating. We are up to date on a variety of system options that can help you improve the air quality of your home.

We can install humidifying furnaces or supplemental humidifiers that will improve the moisture in your home while your heater is running. Your heating costs can benefit from this option because lower temperatures are needed to produce a comfortable environment when moisture is present. We can introduce you to air purifying systems that can work together with your heater to address bacteria and germs. 

HVAC Innovations

Beyond our most common services, we are also able to provide you with current information about new equipment in the industry. You might love the idea of installing a hybrid system that manages both heating and cooling in your home. While our winters aren’t severe, we do experience a number of days with freezing temperatures during the cold weather. With a hybrid system, your heat pump handles the moderation of your home heating on mild days. When the temperatures dip, an economical gas furnace takes over. 

Customers who are concerned with energy efficiency and greenhouse emissions will love the idea of installing a condensing furnace. These systems operate more efficiently by recycling fuel emissions rather than eliminating them. We can also provide you with interesting equipment choices like geothermal heat pumps. Our experience and training provide us with the ability to keep our customers informed about environmentally friendly systems.