The Importance of Heating System Repair in Mobile AL

Published on: September 28, 2012

We understand how aggravating it can be to have your heating system breakdown during the middle of winter. When unexpected issues occur, the situation often becomes stressful and chaotic. Fortunately, we are here to help. Our experienced technicians will have your heating system back up and running in no time. People tend to overlook the importance of a heating system repair until something major goes wrong. What these people should know is that maintaining and repairing heating systems is a year-round job.

Common Issues that Need to be Repaired

A heating system repair in Mobile AL may need to happen for a variety of reasons. If there is a faulty thermostat, other parts of the system may stop working properly. Heating repair issues often affect the efficiency, safety and performance of the heater. Here are some of the most common problems that affect heating systems:

– The heat pump does not turn off.
– The heat pump becomes icy in the winter.
– Water leaks around the system.
– There are hot and cold spots around the house.
– The outdoor unit makes odd sounds and will not start.
– The reset button has to be pushed multiple times.

Reasons for Repairs

When our technicians perform heating system repair in Mobile AL, they must start by finding the cause of your problems. If your heat pump is not shutting off, our technicians will figure out why. Heating issues can arise from any of the following causes:

– Faulty wiring
– A dirty evaporator coil
– Low Freon levels
– A clogged filter
– Faulty thermostat
– Malfunctioning compressor
– A defective indoor blower motor

During the heating system repair process, our technicians check a number of components to find the problem. Sometimes the solution is something as simple as turning the machine off air conditioning mode. Cleaning the HVAC unit may also affect the heating system itself. If we clean the system, then your air conditioning problems may cease to exist. When the problem is more severe, you can rest assured knowing that our technicians are qualified to handle your heating system.

Safety Benefits

Having heating system repairs done is one way to ensure your family’s safety. While inspecting your unit, our technicians look for small holes in the heat exchanger. In addition, they also tighten loose electrical connections. If these issues go untreated, they can become fatal. For example, faulty electrical connections can cause a fire or lead to a carbon monoxide leak. When our technicians perform a heating system repair, they are helping to eliminate a potential health hazard in your Mobile home.

Preventative Maintenance

You can avoid many costly heating system repairs by having routine maintenance done on your HVAC system. You should never wait until your system breaks down to call for help. If you wait, then there is a good chance that your system may fail during the coldest day of the year. Preventative maintenance can increase your system’s efficiency. Along with that, it can also extend the life of your unit. Here are some of the services that we provide during the preventative maintenance process.

– Seal air leaks
– Adjust the fan belt
– Lubricate the motors
– Clean or change the air filter
– Eliminate dirt and grime from the system
– Test the safety controls

Make sure to change the filter on your HVAC system on a regular basis. A dirty filter can lead to other issues. For instance, it will decrease the indoor air quality around your home. If someone in your home has allergies, this is especially problematic. During the repair process, you can also talk to our technicians about installing an air filter that is specially made for people who have allergies.

Increasing Efficiency

Calling us for a heating system repair is a great to increase your unit’s efficiency. During the winter, nearly half of the energy use in your home may be from your heating system. If your heater seems to be using more energy than usual, consider calling us to schedule a time to perform a heating system repair. Properly maintaining your heating system can lower your energy bills by up to 35 percent. When a component on your system is broken, your unit has to work harder to deliver the heated air. Therefore, you will save money in the long run by having your system repaired.

Heating system repairs are important for a number of reasons. Not only can a repair save your life, it can also save you money each month. Although some repairs are complex, others are much simpler to deal with. No matter what the problem is, we are more than willing to help. Even though it is out of sight, do not forget to maintain your system. You should have it inspected on a routine basis.