Experience Better Indoor Air Quality in Mobile AL with Air Purification

Published on: June 22, 2012

Homes in Mobile, AL, as well as other parts of the southern U.S. will experience better indoor air quality by having an air purification system installed. In these warmer climates of cities like Mobile, AL, air conditioners run for an extended season each year. Summers are hotter and longer, so proper AC maintenance is important to keep HVAC systems in top working order.


With the demand placed on HVAC systems in the warmer regions of the U.S., indoor air quality is even more of a concern to homeowners. If a home is properly sealed and insulated, air that circulates then recirculates in the home. This is the main reason why air purification is a top concern of homeowners. An air purification system ensures that the indoor air quality of a well-insulated home is acceptable.


Another consideration to ensure that the indoor air is of good quality is to perform standard AC maintenance such as regularly changing AC filters, utilizing effective filters, and making sure the ductwork is free of leaks and cracks. Proper insulation also guarantees that the home is effectively utilizing conditioned air in both the winter and summer seasons.


How Important Is Indoor Air Quality?

Many homeowners are not aware that the air circulating inside their home is often more polluted than the air outside. Certain conditions will contribute to poor indoor air quality – having pets, having a smoker in the home, and having damp areas around ductwork or the HVAC unit. Damp areas are a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold spores become airborne and inhabitants of the home may breathe these harmful particles.

Poor indoor air quality has been found in studies to be a contributing factor to illnesses and allergies. In addition, individuals with certain conditions, such as asthma, are even more sensitive to harmful airborne particles. Recent studies have demonstrated correlations between indoor air pollution and pulmonary disease, respiratory illnesses, COPD, as well as some forms of cancer. Indoor air quality is important when it comes to the health and wellbeing of the home’s inhabitants. Because individuals spend between 65 and 90 percent of their time indoors, the air quality of the home is an extremely important factor that impacts the health of the home’s inhabitants.


What Pollutes Indoor Air?

Several factors contribute to indoor air pollution, including pet dander and second hand smoke. Dust, sprays, insecticides, mold spores and air fresheners are also known to contribute to poor indoor air quality. Air fresheners, even those considered “natural” or “green,” often contain toxic chemicals that cause headaches, asthma and breathing problems for certain people.


How Important is an Effective Air Purification System?

Air purifiers are plentiful on the market. From small units that clean the air in one room, to large systems that purify the air throughout the entire house, homeowners have a wide selection of purification devices to choose from. A centralized purification unit is installed as part of the home’s HVAC system. A purification system may be readily installed during an annual AC maintenance visit. A centralized air purification system is integrated into the HVAC system and is maintained as a part of regular heating and AC maintenance.


To ensure the health of you and your family, install an air purification system in your home. In addition, make sure that you schedule a yearly AC maintenance check to keep your HVAC system in top working order. With a properly maintained HVAC system and an air purification system, you are taking a proactive approach, which will result is less repair calls, a decrease in the utility bills, and an increase in indoor air quality. This approach means that the air inside your home is healthy and pure, which will keep you and your family healthy, happy and comfortable.