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Published on: December 14, 2012

Anyone who has priced Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems lately knows that they are quite an investment, but they are worth every penny when you consider the amount of comfort they provide. A good quality brand HVAC system that is properly installed and maintained should last for many years. Everyone wants a good deal, but the trick is to get a good quality HVAC installation at an affordable price. Heating and cooling systems in Mobile get a lot of use and you want to make sure the work is done right in order to avoid the inconvenience associated with poor installation.


If you are a proactive consumer, then you know that timing is crucial when it comes to getting a good deal on most products.  It is the same with an HVAC installation in Mobile; you will find bargains if you are willing to purchase at the right time. Dealers and manufacturers frequently will offer incentives to spur sales during slower times of the year. These may take the form of rebates and low or no-interest loans. Typically, these offers will be on the higher end equipment that has advanced options and higher efficiencies. Buying a system at this time will allow you to upgrade to a better model than you might have considered at a busier time. There also may be specials advertised for service and maintenance as well. If you have a newer system or one that has not been checked out in a while, this is a good time to provide some quality service.


Premium heating and cooling equipment will cost more than lower quality brands just as it does with any type of product. Another fact to consider is that heating and air conditioning equipment is not a stand-alone appliance like a dryer or refrigerator. The equipment is one part of a much larger system that includes the ventilation component as well. You can test a freezer in a laboratory and determine its performance, but an HVAC system is directly affected by the environment where it is placed. Poor installation, leaky ductwork and/or a building that is not adequately weatherized will make even the best equipment suffer from subpar performance.

Equipment has undergone some impressive upgrades in the last several years. Dual-stage compressors and variable speed fans give heating and cooling equipment the ability to adapt to changing conditions. Programmability has undergone amazing upgrades lately due to the ubiquitous nature of advanced electronics. It is now possible to install systems that allow you to control them from your computer or smart phone. Ultra high-end equipment has indoor and outdoor components that communicate with each other electronically in order to deliver optimum performance. There are even systems with the ability to diagnose themselves and notify the HVAC company directly with a request for service! These advanced functions make for systems that are more efficient, flexible and provide greater comfort control than ever before.


Installation is a key element in the proper functioning of your new system. You can buy the best equipment available, but if the installation is inadequate you will never receive the full benefit of your purchase. New systems may have different requirements from the old system you have in place in terms of airflow, electrical service, drainage and access. High efficiency equipment will almost certainly be larger in size than your existing components. This does not present a problem for the outdoor machinery, but it may present issues inside if the access is restricted. This is especially true for older houses with mechanical spaces designed for smaller systems. Sometimes it is necessary to enlarge access points and this may require the services of other trades to accomplish.

Advanced options such as variable speed fans are significantly more powerful than older units and will be capable of moving more air through the ventilation system. In order to receive the maximum benefit from high-efficiency equipment, you may need to enlarge portions of the duct system. If the ductwork is old, then it is best to replace it altogether. It is possible with modern diagnostic programs to determine exactly what airflow is needed in each area. Ducts can then be designed and installed according to the test results. It makes little sense to spend the money on premium grade equipment and then leave other elements of the ventilation system in their insufficient state. If this type of work is necessary, then you may get a better price by having the HVAC installation performed during the slower seasons of the year.

It can be tempting to cut corners on your next HVAC installation, especially if there is significant additional work involved but doing so will cost more in the long run. Inadequate ventilation will hamper the performance of your system, increase the operating costs, hinder comfort control, and shorten equipment lifespan. A substandard installation will create chronic problems that require additional work to fix. The best method is to find a trusted, professional contractor and allow them to do a thorough evaluation in order to find the options that will best suit your needs.

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