Air Conditioning Hints for Energy Efficiency and Saving Money in Your North Georgia Home

Published on: March 8, 2012

With the cost of just about everything rising, we all find ourselves in a situation where we have to watch every penny spent. As a result, homeowner’s are looking for countless way to save money on their monthly bills. An often overlooked budget slasher is your north Georgia home’s air conditioning bill. There are several things that can be done to reduce your monthly energy bill. Here is a short list of tips we’ve prepared to assist you.


Hire a professional HVAC company to inspect your unit. As a north Georgia Company well versed in air conditioning repair we provide an affordable preventive maintenance package. With our preventive maintenance package we send a qualified technician to your home in the spring and fall, to ensure that your air conditioner and heating system is prepared for the higher demands of the summer and winter seasons. We’ll tune-up your system and ensure that your air conditioning or heating system is operating efficiently. Staying on top of malfunctions within your system keeps it running efficiently and saves you money.


Clean your air conditioning system exterior. Throughout the year, north Georgia can experience some very strong winds. As a result twigs from trees, leaves, and other debris often end up blocking a part of your air conditioning system. Taking a few moments to clean your air conditioner and the area around it, will keep it operating efficiently. When the unit is dirty or clogged it causes the unit to work harder, costing you more money.

If your air conditioner and heating system is more than 10 years old you may want to consider installing an Energy-Star certified system. If you’re looking for more cost savings and efficiency over time, an energy efficient system is an excellent choice. Energy efficient systems are 20 percent more efficient than traditional models. As an air conditioning and heating leading dealer in the north Georgia area, we can provide knowledgeable advice on an energy efficient unit that would be the best for your home and your budget.