Experience Better Indoor Air Quality in Dalton GA with Air Purification

Published on: July 20, 2012

If the indoor air quality in your home is what most would consider “below average”, you can enhance your home’s air quality with an air purification system. An air purifier is a device that filters impurities from the air. For those who suffer from respiratory health problems, asthma, or allergies, clean air in the home is essential. However, everyone in the home will benefit from pure air circulation.


During the summers in Dalton GA, we tend to keep our homes sealed to maximize air conditioner efficiency. As a result, the air quality in our homes could suffer. Installing an air purification system will ensure that the air inside the home is fresh and clean, allowing everyone to breathe easier. Another added bonus of an air purifier is that it will remove second hand tobacco smoke from the air.


What is an Air Purification System?

Air purification systems may be installed in forced air units. As the air passes through the system, it is purified by saturating the air with UV light by passing the air across UV lamps, eliminating impurities from the air. The air that leaves the system is clean and fresh. For those with allergies and respiratory problems, an air purifier is essential for staying healthy because the system will remove allergens from the air.


Allergens that are removed from the air by an air purification system include:

* Dust
* Pollen
* Pet Dander
* Mold Spores
* Dust Mite Feces
* Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
* Bacteria
* Viruses

VOCs are believed to contribute to “sick building syndrome,” which is the case where several individuals experience symptoms when they live or work in a building with contaminated air. Some individuals are more susceptible to the effects of VOCs than others. However, an air purifier will eliminate VOCs from the circulating air, ensuring excellent indoor air quality. In extreme circumstances, it has been proven by studies that poor indoor air quality may contribute to the development of certain cancers, COPD, pulmonary and respiratory illnesses. An air purifier will also keep the home clean by eliminating dust particles. As many individuals are sensitive to dust, pollen and pet dander, installing an air purification system helps to keep the home free of those annoying air contaminants.


Install a Home Air Purification and Filtration System

A member of our professional staff will assist you in selecting an air purifier that fits your needs and budget. Because air purification and filtration systems differ, each member of our staff is trained to educate the consumer with regards to the air purification and filtration system that will best suit their needs. When choosing a whole house air purification system, you want to feel confident that your investment will function for years to come. You also want to know that the purification system you select will be easy to maintain and will produce clean are throughout the entire home. In addition, it is imperative that the installation is performed by a certified professional technician, one that is qualified and highly regarded in the HVAC industry.


Our name brand air purification systems all come with manufacturer warranties and we make sure our technicians provide the utmost in customer service. For residents of Dalton GA who spend the summer months in air conditioned spaces, an air purification system will keep you and your family healthy, comfortable, and breathing easy.