Honest Estimates for Home Heating in Rome

Published on: December 28, 2012

Whether you’re looking to install a new heating system for your home or you’re searching for an HVAC contractor to make repairs or improvements to your existing system, you deserve an honest estimate of the expected costs. Because we understand that the success of our business depends upon developing lasting relationships with our customers, we know the value of giving any potential client a fair and honest estimate. Even more importantly, we recognize that it’s simply the ethical thing to do.

Delivering an Accurate Quote for Home Heating Services

A reputable heating contractor will never depend upon guesswork to quote a price. The HVAC industry has established guidelines that professional technicians will follow to determine the most energy efficient and cost-effective solution for your home heating needs. Long-term energy efficiency is usually the primary goal when it comes to choosing products and services. The less energy that a heating system uses to keep your home comfortable, the more money you’ll save. 

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), home heating accounts for around 30 percent of a home’s energy usage. Improper installation can lower a heating system’s efficiency by as much as 30 percent. To ensure optimal energy efficiency, the EPA lists three primary factors for skilled HVAC contractors to consider when servicing or installing home heating:

  • The system must be sized correctly to meet the home’s heating needs
  • Forced-air systems should be connected to an energy efficient air duct system
  • The system must have the proper volume of air flow

Determining the Correct Size for Heating Equipment

When it comes to heating equipment, bigger is not always better. An oversized system may quickly heat your home, but may cycle off just as quickly. That frequent on-and-off operation not only results in uncomfortable fluctuations in temperate but also puts a strain on the system’s components, leading to repairs and shortening the system’s service life. It can also disrupt the balanced air flow in your home. A too-small system is just as unacceptable. Even with nearly constant operation, an undersized system simply won’t deliver the kind of comfort that you expect.

Skilled HVAC contractors will make a whole-home analysis before offering up an estimate for home heating in Rome. They’ll measure the size of home, examine its overall design, insulation and construction and will take into consideration the seasonal shifts of climate in Rome. Professional contractors then make a calculation that determines how much power the heating system will need to expend to keep your home at an ideal temperature. Our HVAC technicians may also make suggestions for simple home improvements that will reduce your home’s heating demands, such as weather-stripping windows and doors.

Optimizing Forced-Air System Ductwork

According to the EPA, up to 30 percent of the conditioned air that travels through ductwork can be lost due to obstructions and leaks. Whether installing a new system or servicing an existing one, it’s essential to inspect the ductwork before giving an estimate. Our experienced technicians can conduct a pressure test on the ducts that will identify any leakage. If the results show over two percent wasted air, having the ducts professionally sealed and insulated can improve the system’s overall energy efficiency and save you money.

Measuring Air Flow

In the final analysis, it’s the amount of heated air that flows into your home’s living areas that counts when it comes to creating a comfortable environment. Measuring the air flow through the system’s ductwork is critical, but it’s important to ensure that the flow at the point of departure and delivery is measured as well. A dirty, clogged or inadequate filter or fan motor can negate the energy efficiency of the entire system. Dirty, dusty or inadequately sized vents and return-air grilles can impair air flow as well. Increasing the size of ducts or installing new grilles may significantly improve home comfort.

Providing Accurate Estimates

Honest quotes for heating services and products will include estimates for both labor and parts. Stellar estimates will be backed by a 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Because our company is committed to serving the Rome community for the long run, we’re pleased to stand behind all the work that our expert technicians perform. We can also provide you with annual operational cost estimates so that you’ll know what you can expect to pay for your heating system over the long term. For us, providing honest estimates isn’t just a sound business strategy, it’s the right thing to do.