How Can a Programmable Thermostat in Your North Georgia Home Save Money

Published on: March 7, 2012

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to trim the air conditioning and heating costs in your North Georgia home, consider the many benefits of a programmable thermostat. It gives you more control over the environment in your North Georgia home, helps to lower utility bills, and allows you and your family to be consistently comfortable. As a North Georgia air conditioning and heating company, we would be happy to install a programmable thermostat for you.


Programmable thermostats are sold with several different scheduling variations. If you have a traditional Monday to Friday job during the day, look for a five and two unit. The five refers to the number of weekdays, while the two represents Saturday and Sunday. Before you leave for work each morning, you can set the programmable thermostat to remain at a low temperature while you are gone. You can also set it to increase in temperature in the hour or so before you are due to arrive at your North Georgia home.


Since you will no longer have to pay to provide air conditioning and heating to an empty home, you should notice an immediate decrease in your monthly utility bill. If you look closely at your bill, you should see an approximate three percent savings for every degree it is normally set below 72 degrees. You will also notice that your home is more evenly heated, and that getting up on a cold morning is a much more pleasant experience that it used to be.


In North Georgia we can provide you with a demonstration on how to program your new programmable thermostat and provide you with troubleshooting tips, as well. We want you to have a well-working air conditioning and heating system. Most programmable thermostats will give an audible and visual signal when running low on batteries, so ask our North Georgia service technician to show you those features, as well. You also need to know how to solve issues if the programmable thermostat doesn’t seem to be working one day, and our air conditioning and heating technician can discuss foreseeable issues with you.