Searching for Heating Contractors in Dalton

Published on: December 14, 2012

At this time of year, you may find yourself searching for heating contractors in Dalton for various reasons. Perhaps you want to install a new furnace, need to repair your heating system or are interested in preventative maintenance. Our heating contractors in Dalton offer all three of these services. As people become more environmentally aware and health conscious, many heating contractors are also adding duct cleaning, indoor air quality evaluations and home energy audits to the list of services they provide. 

When you need service for your Dalton home or business, the first step is to contact a provider in your area and describe your problem in detail. Our Dalton heating contractors offer free consultations and cost estimates for your convenience. Some questions to ask your heating contractor include how long the company has been in business, the licenses it holds and the experience level of its service technicians. If you are satisfied with those answers, you can move on to finding out about services offered and hours of availability.

Working with Local Heating Contractors to Install a New Furnace

Having a new furnace installed can seem like a monumental task. When you have to replace a furnace that has completely quit working, you don’t have much time to weigh your various options. However, you still want to make a wise choice with your new equipment. A service technician from one of our local heating contractors can help you evaluate different units and find the best one for you. If you are replacing an inefficient furnace that still works, you have more time to really consider what you want in a new furnace.

You should ask for a written estimate for all parts and labor costs. Most estimates also include information about the manufacturer’s warranty as well as service guarantees by the company installing your new furnace. This is a good time to ask about potential tax credits or manufacturer rebates as well.

The most important factor in choosing a new furnace is its energy efficiency. In October of 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated minimum energy efficiency ratings for all new heating and cooling equipment. Gas furnaces are rated using the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and must be at least 78 percent efficient. The AFUE rating is the percentage of fuel that the furnace utilizes in keeping your home or business warm. The remaining percentage is vented to the outdoors.

Emergency and Routine HVAC Repairs 

Being without heat is not only uncomfortable, it can also be a safety hazard. Older gas furnaces can present problems with gas and carbon monoxide leaks. These urgent situations require the assistance of a heating company that provides emergency repair service 24 hours a day. This should include nights, weekends and holidays in addition to regular business hours. It is always best if you can locate a heating provider that you trust before you find yourself facing a heating emergency.

For non-urgent heating repairs, look for a company that schedules your appointment for the same day whenever possible. The HVAC provider should respect your time and show up at the appointment time you requested. He or she should wear visible identification and answer all of your questions in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. You can help by knowing where your equipment is located and having the area around it tidy. Also, your technician can get the job done quicker without distractions from pets and small children. Our service technicians have the tools and skills to repair all types of heating equipment. If your model is very old or obsolete, be sure to mention this when you schedule your appointment.

Don’t Forget About Preventative Maintenance Tune-Ups

Unfortunately, the only contact some home and business owners have with their local HVAC contractor is when their heating system breaks down. A better way to go about it is to schedule annual preventative maintenance for your heating system. Our companies offer a professional tune-up for both your furnace and air conditioner once a year. This gives our service technicians the opportunity to detect and fix minor problems early. You also benefit from greater energy efficiency, lower repair bills and improved indoor comfort. If you have never scheduled a preventative maintenance tune-up before, you may be surprised at what a huge difference it makes.

Services to Improve the Environment and Your Health

The EPA states that removing even a quarter-inch of dust and other debris from your ductwork can improve the way your HVAC system performs. The ductwork in your home or business is often a breeding grounds for dust mites, bacteria, insects and more. When you turn on your furnace, these pollutants are released into your air. You can alleviate this problem with professional duct cleaning.

Another way you can improve indoor air quality is by getting an evaluation from a local HVAC company. An indoor air specialist will let you know how you can improve air flow and recommend specific products for this purpose. 

Home performance evaluations are helpful in identifying wasteful uses of energy. At the end of the appointment, you receive a report from an auditor letting you know specific changes you can make to decrease your energy consumption along with your utility bills.