The Importance of Getting a Diagnostic for Your Heating System in Dalton

Published on: November 16, 2012

If you woke up to chilly weather today in Dalton GA, there is a good chance that you turned your heating system on for the first time in months. It’s likely that you noticed the typical burning smell common when a heating system has been idle for a long period of time, usually the result of dust building up in your vents. It’s less likely that you took the time to check your air filter for dirt. One of the biggest problems affecting furnaces is dirty filters. You should check it right away, replacing it if there is excessive dirt. It’s also important that if you noticed any problems with your system that you contact an HVAC professional in order to have diagnostic services performed. A little preventive work now can limit your risk of a serious heating system failure later in the winter.

A heating diagnostic can be performed at any point in the year. However, most people don’t think about this until they actually encounter problems. Many homeowners will ignore seemingly minor problems in order to save money. However, small problems can build up and become big concerns, leading to your need for heating system repair in Dalton. It can be challenging to know just how serious a small issue may truly be without professional insight, and while it may seem inconvenient, the investment in a diagnostic service can help you to catch a small problem in time to avoid a complete failure of your system.


Your filter should be changed before you turn the heater on. If you have started to use your heating system for the winter but haven’t changed your filter, you will need to shut your system off before you open the filter cover to remove the old filter. If you don’t have a spare handy, take note of the dimensions and purchase a replacement right away. After you have made the change, shut the cover. Before you turn on your heating system, make sure that all vents are clear and open. Remove paper or other flammable materials from the area of heating vents so that you don’t risk fire. Turn your system on and check to make sure that hot air is blowing through the vents.

Some homeowners will close the vents in some rooms to improve airflow in other rooms. The need to do so may indicate that your ducts are leaky. Consulting with a company that specializes in heating system repair in Dalton can provide you with costs and benefits of duct sealing. Since leaky ducts lead to heat loss and heavier use of your heater to warm your home, having ducts sealed can improve not only the comfort level of your house but also the amount of your energy bill.


Being faced with these issues on the first icy cold day of the season, you may also be challenged by the availability of heating contractors. It’s always wise to perform a basic diagnostic on your heater before the cold weather sets in so that you can deal with any problems before the local HVAC contractors are in huge demand. If you are faced with a high-demand time of the year when you experience problems, it’s good to make sure that your home is comfortable enough for those living there. The more icy the conditions outside, the harder it is to keep children and elderly family members comfortable when the heater is out of commission. Arrange for a motel room or to stay with friends if your repairs are going to be delayed.


Whether you have made a preliminary diagnosis of your system or not, it’s still possible to encounter a mid-winter malfunction of your furnace. An older system can be vulnerable to problems. Power surges and winter storms can also lead to problems. It’s important to obtain heating system repair in Dalton right away in such cases. In some cases, you may even be faced with the need to replace your current furnace or heat pump. Your fall diagnostic services in Dalton GA can give you a good benchmark of the overall health of your system, making it a bit easier to plan for the potential failure of your unit. If you know in the fall that your system is getting old and unstable, then you can think about having it replaced before winter.


Deciding on the right company to perform a diagnostic or repair service on your heater can be challenging. One of the best options is to find a company that is trained in the servicing of your brand of heater. The more familiar a contractor is with a system, the more efficient he will be in diagnosing problems and making repairs. An authorized representative of a manufacturer will often have specific information about recalls or common problems with a given model. This enables you to have the most targeted service possible performed. If your system is newer, working with an authorized company may be necessary in order to comply with the terms of your warranty. This can save you money as well as time.


When the season ends, it’s easy to shut off your furnace without thinking about diagnostic needs. If you’ve ignored little problems through the end of the winter, shutting off your system will only leave them to confront you again next fall. Take time to change your filter. Consider having an end of winter diagnostic so that you can make sure things are ready for the fall.