Can a Whole-House Humidifier Help You Save Money?

Hygrometer and thermostat | AC Southeast

Whether you’re inside or outside, humidity has a big impact on your comfort. When you want your Mississippi home to be as comfortable as possible on a budget, focus on the humidity. Find out how a […]

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6 Winter Allergen Triggers in Georgia

Pollen in the air | AC Southeast

Allergens can make spring and summer miserable, but they don’t disappear entirely during the winter months. In fact, you might find yourself surprised by the number of allergens that can trigger symptoms between December and February. […]

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6 Ways to Prepare Your Florida Winter Home for Your Arrival

Summer house warm weather | AC Southeast

Now that the temperatures have started to drop in the northern United States, you’re ready to take advantage of the Florida warmth at your winter home. Before you settle in, though, create a maintenance checklist. You […]

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Saving Energy in Cool Weather

Installing insulation in an attic | AC Southeast

Unfortunately, utility bills often increase in cold weather even in warmer states like South Carolina. With simple changes, you can make your HVAC system more efficient and prevent uncomfortable drafts. Since your furnace won’t need to […]

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How to Breathe Easy In the Fall

Cat and puppy next to eachother | How to breathe easy | AC Southeast

Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief as the heat of the southeast is gradually replaced by the oncoming cool of the fall. But for those of us sensitive to allergens and other airborne […]

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Wrapping Up Summer and Preparing for Cooler Weather

Cor Thermostat | Prepping for cooler weather | AC Southeast

Getting ready for cold weather can make your South Carolina or Georgia home more comfortable, help you save energy, and prevent costly breakdowns. Preparing for fall and winter can even extend your HVAC system’s life and […]

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