Energy Upgrades Homeowners Can Take On to Save Money and Stay Comfortable

Programmable thermostat | AC Southeast

Energy efficiency is important in every home, no matter the age or location. Whether your house is sophisticated and newly built or charming and older, and whether you’re concerned about the environment or simply want to […]

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Weatherization Projects to Keep Your Conditioned Air in the Home

Inside hvac ductwork | AC Southeast

Conditioned air losses due to leaks in the exterior envelope of a home not only increase heating and cooling costs, they make it more difficult to maintain comfort. Weatherization in the form of sealing air leaks […]

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Keep Your Indoor Air Quality High by Preventing Dirty Ductwork

Wall HVAC register | AC Southeast

Because ductwork is out of sight in most Southeastern homes, it can be dangerously easy for homeowners to ignore duct issues. These ducts are imperative to your HVAC system, and when dirt, dust and other pollutants […]

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Is Your Home’s Footprint Changing? A Ductless Mini-Split May Be Your HVAC Answer

Remote for Ductless HVAC unit on wall | AC Southeast

A key aspect of adding to your home or finishing an unused space to make it livable, is how you plan to tackle heating and cooling. Depending on the changes you’ll make, it’s worth considering ductless […]

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How Home Humidity Is Tied to Indoor Air Quality and What You Can Do About It

Hygrometer and thermostat | AC Southeast

Controlling home humidity is a constant battle in the southeastern United States, especially during periods of extreme heat or cold. Humidity is a key factor in overall indoor air quality, so it’s not something that you […]

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Saving Energy Long-Term Requires a Broader Thinking & 4 Areas to Focus On

CFL Lights Save Energy | AC Southeast

What are your motives for saving energy? Whether your biggest concern is to cut back on energy bills or do your part for the environment, you can achieve energy savings in the long-term with a few […]

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