3 Top Tips About Air Conditioning in Panama City

Published on: September 14, 2012

Air conditioning is important to all of those who live in the Panama City, FL area. With extended cooling seasons, air conditioning systems are necessary for day to day survival in the area. Air conditioning must be considered a priority for all homeowners in the Panama City region. There are a few things you need to remember in order to keep your system in top working order.

The 3 Top Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning Running Well

1.) Air conditioning systems need to be maintained.

Annual maintenance is necessary to keep your AC system working well. An annual maintenance check by a qualified AC professional will keep your system working efficiently to cool your home. Many homeowners have not yet learned the importance of regular AC maintenance. Your AC unit is composed of several parts and components. Some parts wear out with the demand that is placed on air conditioning Panama City. Over time, your AC equipment will become less and less efficient at cooling your home if the unit is not regularly maintained.

The best way to handle regular equipment maintenance is to have a service contract with an HVAC service provider. Many HVAC service companies offer contracts for a reasonable price. The service contract specifies the work that will be performed to annually maintain the customer’s equipment. The contract specifies the terms and cost of the service. In other words, if you purchase a service contract with an HVAC company to maintain your equipment, the contract states the price you are charged, the work that will be performed and the schedule for the work. You may pay $99 for a service contract with a heating and air conditioning company. The contract will state that the company will perform a series of tasks on or before a certain date. The contract may also include some perks, such as the holder of the contract may receive priority scheduling, discounts on labor and repairs, etc. The contract entitles the holder to one or more regular maintenance service visits that include the work that is specified by the document.

Examples of some of the maintenance work that will be performed include:

– Checking the air flow and temperatures in and around the system
– Checking for worn or damaged parts
– Lubricating, as needed
– Recharging the refrigerant, as needed
– Checking the air filters, vents and registers

Most companies provide a complete list of the maintenance tasks they perform during a checkup. The contract will list the tasks.

2.) Keep your air conditioning filters clean.

Most HVAC experts recommend that filters are cleaned or changed once per month. This may seem like a small, unimportant task and homeowners may forget to change or clean the filters. However, this is a very important aspect of maintaining the unit and keeping the unit running well. In fact, if filters are not clean, problems may result that require costly repairs. If filters are not clean, the unit will not run as efficiently as it should. This means that the cooling power of the unit may be reduced. In addition, the energy efficiency will also be effected. Your unit will need to run longer, thus consuming more energy, to cool your home. Avoid costly repairs and keep your system running well by keeping the filters clean.

3.) Use a programmable thermostat.

You can hire an HVAC company to install a programmable thermostat for a very reasonable price. In fact, if you are handy around the house, you may be able to purchase a programmable thermostat at the home improvement store for well under $100 and install the device yourself.

This type of thermostat allows you to use presets to control the temperature of your home. You can set the thermostat to raise the temperature when no one is home during the summer. By raising the temperature even five degrees, or turning the system off during the day when everyone is gone, you will conserve money by using less energy to run the system. A programmable thermostat will enable you to turn the unit off during the majority of the day, and then configure the thermostat to turn the system on 30 minutes before your family begins returning from home and school. When you go on vacation, you can set the thermostat at a warmer temperature, or turn the AC off. You can set the device to cool the home just before you return. You can also program the thermostat for heating conservation in the winter, too. Set the temperature at a cooler temperature during the night and then program the thermostat to warm the house about 30 minutes before everyone gets up for the day.

Using a programmable thermostat will save money on your home’s heating and air conditioning Panama City. The thermostat will also extend the life of your heating and air conditioning system.