5 Signs That Your Ductwork is Leaking Air

Published on: July 20, 2012

If there is one thing that you definitely do not need in a volatile economy, it is leaky ductwork. Leaky ductwork requires immediate air conditioning service because of the incredible amount of energy that is wasted if the problem is not fixed right away.

If you are in Panama City, FL or somewhere else with an especially humid and hot climate, leaky ductwork can result in thousands of dollars a year in additional costs. Instead of dishing out the money required to pay those costs, here are some tips to help you determine if your ductwork is in immediate need of service. Make sure that you regard these tips closely.

1. Note the air quality of your home or office.

The air quality of a room or a house can be hard to note if you are not paying close attention to it. However, there are a few ways that you can identify a decrease in air quality. If you or others in the living or work area are suddenly experiencing more allergic reactions, there is a definite case for a decrease in air quality caused by leaky ductwork. If your air conditioning unit is housed inside, then an increase in allergic reactions is almost certainly a telltale sign of a leak. Call a licensed professional to perform maintenance on your ductwork immediately.

2. There may be visual signs of leaky ductwork.

Although the visual signs of a leak will not be the most obvious, they are definitely a sign of an advanced problem that is in need of an immediate AC service. Visual cues of a duct leak can will often show up as a crack or separation in the molding or the sides. Another sign of deterioration is sagging. If you have already come to the point of leaks causing visual cues, it is definitely time for an AC service on your ducts.

3. Your heating bills will suddenly go up.

If you have ducts that are leaking, the area that is usually cooled and directed into your living area will be leaking into other parts of the building. Often, the leaks will be in two parts of the building that do not need to be temperature controlled such as the ceiling, the basement or the walls. Regardless, you will feel less of an effect when you turn the heat or the AC on. You will have to increase the amount by which you alter the thermostat, and as such, you will be using more energy. This will cause your electricity bills to increase substantially. If you find that your energy bills are higher than they should be, there may be a leak on the premises.

4. Leaks will cause inconsistent airflow to certain rooms.

Inconsistency is another sign of leaky ducts. Some rooms will receive a great deal of air, while other rooms get little or no air at all. Because leaks will redirect air in ways that are not conducive to temperature control, you should be able to determine if you are getting inconsistent airflow based on drastic temperature changes from room to room. If this is the case, do not hesitate to call a licensed technician to take care of the problem.

5. There will be audio cues to leaks as well.

If your air conditioning units begin to make unusual sounds, this is often an indication of leakage. In this case, air is getting into places that it should not be, and components of the unit will more than likely be out of place. This will naturally change the positioning of pieces of the unit, causing it to make unusual sounds. Listen for sounds in your ceiling and walls that should not be there. If they persist, call a technician to check for leaks in your ductwork.