Get a Diagnostic for Your HVAC System in Panama City

Published on: October 26, 2012

Remarkable strides have been made in HVAC systems in the last few years. For one thing, environmental regulations have dictated the use of a new refrigerant to replace Freon, the standard coolant for many years in the HVAC trade. This does not affect consumers in any significant way, but it does show the changing nature of the industry as a whole. Increased efficiencies and technological advances more directly impact consumers than any other development. A modern HVAC system can be fifty to one hundred percent more efficient than one manufactured fifteen years ago. Air conditioning efficiencies are denoted in terms of SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, an average of the amount of energy used by the HVAC system over the course of a cooling season. It is common now to see AC units rated at 16 SEER and above. If you have a system that is fifteen years old or older, it might have a SEER of 8 or less; by replacing a system with one that doubles in efficiency you have lowered the amount of energy required to cool by half. Energy costs are increasing, and reliable sources indicate that this trend will continue into the future. Your cooling system is responsible for the majority of your utility costs during the summer. You can dramatically reduce your electrical usage and expenditure by replacing your aging HVAC system and performing other energy saving measures.

When replacing an HVAC system in Panama City you might want to consider some of the advanced technology that has recently been developed. Panama City FL is a hot, humid place in the summer; conditions such as these are challenging for air conditioning systems, and some of the old ways of thinking about cooling has gone by the wayside. In the old days it was a rule of thumb among many HVAC dealers that having more capacity than necessary was acceptable. Air conditioners are measured in tons, and many installers would err on the side of increasing system size to ensure adequate cooling. A larger system will certainly get your home or business cooler in a shorter period of time, but may leave behind an unacceptable level of humidity. Humidity removal takes longer to achieve than simple heat reduction, so an HVAC system in Panama City FL needs to run for an adequate length of time in order to achieve the humidity levels that feel comfortable; a lower humidity level actually allows for higher temperatures to feel satisfactory for the average person. For example, a temperature of seventy-eight degrees feels great if the humidity is roughly at or below fifty percent. A humidity level in this range depends on an adequate run cycle for the equipment, so it is very important to have your HVAC system in Panama City sized properly at installation. There are various methods to test for sizing; professional dealers will use the proper diagnostic tools before installing a new system.

There are major technological advances in equipment that go beyond the traditional capabilities we have come to consider the norm for this type of equipment. Variable speed fans have been around for a while but they are becoming more of a necessity, and cannot really be considered a luxury add-on any longer. These fans have the ability to operate at different speeds depending on the needs of the environment at any given time. At low speeds, these fans move air across the evaporator coil slowly, allowing the equipment to remove more humidity than air moving at higher speeds; but when full cooling is needed, these systems ramp up the fan speeds to maximize airflow throughout the conditioned space.

Another feature that works in combination with the function of variable speed airflow is the ability of advanced equipment to operate at different capacities. Dual-stage compressors give systems the ability to operate at a level below the maximum level. For example, you may need a 3-ton system in your home or business on the hottest days when temperatures are soaring, but what about the times when conditions are not so extreme? You still need cooling, but not as much; this means that your system is oversized for the existing conditions. Humidity levels will not be adequately lowered because the run times are not sufficient to dry the air effectively. Studies have shown that even in a tough cooling climate like Panama City FL, systems are oversized most of the time; even on the hottest days you only need maximum cooling less than half the time. During the night and morning hours you could easily use a smaller system that would run longer and create a dryer, more comfortable environment with less energy usage. Once again, proper sizing of equipment is crucial for these determinations and you should ask your dealer for their recommendations when purchasing new equipment. Other products such as cars and computers have advanced features that increase functionality, and we readily buy them for the convenience they provide. It is the same with HVAC systems; these products are crucial to our comfort and well being, so it only makes sense to buy the best model you can afford. You will be thankful for many years if you choose the right equipment and the best dealer to install it.