How Moisture Can Damage Your AC System

Published on: May 9, 2012

In Panama City, FL, the HVAC system does more than one job. It cools and dehumidifies the air at the same time. Comfort and air quality are the goals being achieved by the HVAC system. If these goals are not met, you need air conditioning repair for your unit.

The air is drawn into the HVAC system through the filter, which traps dust and debris from entering the unit. Different filters are available for air conditioners. Some can be cleaned by a blast from the garden hose. Others need to be replaced on a regular basis. They should never be allowed to become clogged. A clogged filter forces the system to work harder because of the decreased air flow. Overworked motors break down, leading to the need for air conditioning repair.

If the HVAC system is allowed to operate without a filter, the debris will coat the interior of the unit. The evaporator coils operate best when they are clean. If they are coated with dirt, the system cannot effectively dehumidify the air. Moisture travels into the ducting system. It will condense in the ducts and pool. The pooled water grows bacteria and mold. It can also leak into the attic insulation, ceilings and walls. Droplets of water containing these contaminants will be blown into the room. This is a health hazard for you and your family.

The drain line is also crucial to the system. If the line is clogged with debris, mold or algae, water will back up into the unit and the house. This causes damage to the electronics and blower motor, flooring, walls and so forth. This is one of the most common reasons for emergency air conditioning repair and the easiest to avoid. Pouring a cup of beach into the line every month will keep it clean.

The outside condensing unit should not be ignored. If water is allowed to pool in the drain pan or flood the unit, it will break down. This emergency air conditioning repair can be very expensive. Keeping the drain pan clear and providing drainage to the surrounding area is easier.

Preventing moisture problems in your Panama City, FL, HVAC system is easy. By properly and routinely maintaining your HVAC system, your house will be healthy and cool for years to come. Your local air conditioning repair company can help you set up a schedule for maintenance and air duct cleaning.