Is a Programmable Thermostat for Your Panama City Home In Your Future?

Published on: February 22, 2012

Programmable thermostats offer many benefits to Panama City, FL homeowners. From temperature regulation to increasing the energy efficiency of your home, programmable thermostats offer time and money saving solutions for any homeowner in Panama City, FL. During your next maintenance visit or air conditioning and heater repair or installation, ask our service technician about installing a new programmable thermostat in your home.


Climate Regulation
Programmable thermostats keep your home at your desired temperature during the day and night whether you are home or away. In addition to controlling the temperature of your home, programmable thermostats work in conjunction with your humidifier and dehumidifier to maintain ideal indoor humidity levels.


Energy Efficiency
By setting your programmable thermostat to keep the temperature of your Panama City, FL home higher during the day while you are at work and asleep, you will enjoy a significant savings on your summer monthly electricity bill. During the winter months, setting the thermostat lower while you are out and during the overnight hours will reduce your heating costs.


If your family has a different schedule every day of the week, a programmable thermostat is the right choice for you. Programmable thermostats offer flexible system scheduling for you to input a different heating and cooling routine for each day of the week.


System Maintenance
Keeping up with heating and cooling system maintenance is difficult for busy homeowners. Today’s programmable thermostats offer system indicators to alert you when it is time for air conditioning and heater repair or installation of a new air filter. If your heating and cooling system malfunctions, your thermostat will alert you to the need for an air conditioning and heater repair or installation.


The next time you call for an air conditioning and heater repair or installation, talk to our service technician about adding a programmable thermostat to your Panama City, FL home. Our skilled service technicians will help you select the best programmable thermostat for your lifestyle and budget. We look forward to making your home more comfortable and efficient with a new programmable thermostat.