Top Tips from Your Local Heating Contractor in Panama City

Published on: November 30, 2012

Your local heating contractor in Panama City is likely the first person you think of when your heating system breaks down in the middle of a cold winter night, but you may not realize that a heating contractor can be helpful when you don’t need a repair as well. HVAC technicians are not just committed to keeping your Panama City FL home comfortable all year round. They’re experts at saving you money on operating costs. These top ten tips can lower your monthly fuel and energy bills without sacrificing comfort.


1. Change the Air Filter

Clean air filters not only help ensure that your family breathes easier but help protect dust and debris from collecting on heating parts and equipment as well. Dirty filters force the system to run longer, leading to premature wear and tear. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that consumers change or clean their air filters every month or more often if needed. Your heating contractor can make sure that you have the most effective filter model for your particular heating system.


2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable environment while at home, but leaving your heating system running while you’re away from home can send energy bills skyrocketing. A programmable thermostat lets you preset household temperatures to fit your family’s lifestyle. You can schedule a lower temperature while you’re asleep or away and preset the system to raise the temperature in time to guarantee that you always come home to a warm and cozy space.


3. Eliminate Drafts

Air from drafty windows can leave you shivering even when your heating system is running. Weather-stripping drafty windows and doors can lower your monthly heating bills and keep you more comfortable in your Panama City FL home. Seal up any gaps between plumbing fittings or electrical conduits and exterior walls as well.


4. Let the Sun Shine In

On sunny but cold days, open curtains and shades to take advantage of solar heat gain. Keep outdoor plants and trees trimmed and pruned so that exterior walls aren’t shaded. On cold winter evenings, close window coverings up tight again to retain household heat.


5. Keep Vents Clear

Keep duct vents and grilles clean, paying extra attention to vents located near the floor. Floor vents are notorious magnets for dust and debris. Make sure that vents aren’t blocked furniture or drapes.


6. Seal Ductwork

According to the EPA, up to 30 percent of a heating system’s conditioned air can be lost to leaky ductwork. Sealing and insulating the network of air ducts in your Panama City FL home can significantly reduce your system’s operating costs. Because improper work can actually impair performance, however, it’s best to let your heating contractor tackle this job.


7. Control Ventilation

Turn ceiling fans to low during cold weather months and adjust the direction to make sure that they’re circulating warm air back down into the room. Turn off bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans within 20 minutes after cooking or bathing to prevent household heat from venting outdoors. Ask your heating contractor in Panama City about installing ventilation fans with auto-shut-off operating.


8. Add Attic Insulation

Attic insulation not only helps keep heat out during hot summers but prevents heat loss during the winter as well. Without a proper level of attic insulation, a substantial amount of heat is conducted through the ceiling. Adding attic insulation is a cost-effective way to reduce your monthly energy bills and enhance your family’s comfort.


9. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Even the most advanced heating system will decline in energy efficiency if not properly maintained. Enrolling in a seasonal preventative maintenance plan ensures that your heating system will receive automatic tune-ups from a skilled heating contractor. You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that your system will work when you need it for many seasons to come. You’ll save energy and money with better efficiency and your system will last longer too.


10. Upgrade Your System

If your heating system is more than eight years old, needs frequent repairs or just isn’t keeping you and your family comfortable, ask your heating contractor about replacing the system with an energy efficient product. Modern HVAC systems are substantially more efficient than products manufactured a decade ago. You may be surprised to discover that you can reduce your operating costs and enjoy a more comfortable home with a new installation from your local heating contractor in Panama City.