We Provide Reliable Quotes for HVAC Installation in Panama City

Published on: December 14, 2012

When you need HVAC installation in Panama City, reliable quotes are important. We work locally to install and service a variety of home heating and cooling equipment. We provide accurate estimates so that you can budget accordingly. Contact us to discuss your needs and your plans.


Our Expertise and Experience

Our ability to work in all aspects of residential and commercial HVAC installation and service makes us a great resource. Not only can we help you find the right equipment, but we also provide the maintenance services to keep it running optimally through the years. We value our customers’ feedback and place a high priority on their satisfaction. We participate in specialized training related to our manufacturers’ equipment and are aware of the latest innovations in the industry.


Replacing Your Old HVAC Equipment

If you are evaluating your need to update your equipment, we can provide you with an honest assessment of your current system. This enables you to compare replacement costs with the cost of running older inefficient products. A new system will almost always provide you with more affordable energy costs, and there are some high efficiency options on the market. However, these more efficient selections are also more expensive. If you are operating on a tight budget for your replacement, we will help you determine the best balance between costs and efficiency.

If your HVAC installation is due to an unexpected system failure, we realize that you may not be financially prepared for the upgrade. It’s important to budget for equipment replacement because no system lasts forever. However, we will help you explore low-cost systems and possible manufacturer incentives and financing opportunities. If your system was under warranty when it failed, we can help you examine the details related to obtaining covered services. It’s also helpful to remember that if you are new to your home, you may have a homeowner’s warranty that will assist in covering replacement expenses. Check your policy information to verify the requirements.


New Construction and HVAC Installation

Are you in the planning stages of a new commercial or residential building? We can provide you with current information about central heat and air for your building. We can also consult with your architect to discuss the latest equipment developments. If you are at the point of ordering and installing your HVAC system, we are able to assist in all phases of the process. We work efficiently so that we can help keep your construction budget from getting out of control.


Supplemental HVAC Equipment

If you have a room addition that needs air and heating, we can provide you with information about systems that address areas without ducts. You may find that a ductless mini system is perfect for your needs.

We can also introduce you to air quality equipment that can work in connection with your central HVAC system. Ventilators are excellent for keeping your home’s air circulating and fresh. They can really help deal with excessive humidity in Panama City homes during the summer. A heating unit can make your indoor environment miserably dry during the winter, and a humidifying furnace can put some of that moisture back into circulation. If you don’t really need a new furnace, we can also provide you with humidifier models that work with your existing furnace or heat pump.

UV lights are valuable helps for our local area. These work to kill mold and bacteria on your coils, improving the efficiency of your system. They also keep these materials from circulating in your home and creating health problems.


After Your HVAC Installation Is Completed

The best way to keep your system functioning optimally is to maintain it diligently. Your filters should be checked periodically so that they don’t develop an excessive buildup of dirt. Start your winter and summer months with new filters. Make sure that you keep outdoor equipment clear of debris. Keep your vents and registers free from foreign matter.

Our experts can do a system tune-up annually or semi-annually depending on the equipment you have. Your heating system  should be tuned up in the fall and your cooling system in the spring. If you use a heat pump to handle both heating and cooling, have it serviced at least once per year. We will make adjustments to belts, fittings and other moving parts. We’ll check for cracks, leaks and other signs of wear. We make sure that your system is operating according to manufacturer guidelines. This can make your equipment last longer while improving the efficiency of the system. You’ll also appreciate that it can keep your energy costs lower.


Our customers are finding that this service is really useful in heading off mid-winter and mid-summer system problems. As repair needs are identified, we bring them to your attention. We can’t avoid every possible problem, but we can keep the issues limited.