Benefits of New Heating Systems for Your Pensacola Home

Published on: September 28, 2012

Even though Florida only experiences short periods of cold weather in winter, every area home and business needs a properly working heating system. The misconception many consumers have, however, is that your heating system Pensacola is less important than your air conditioning system. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your heating system works in conjunction with your air conditioning system to keep your building comfortable all year long. That is why selecting the proper furnace for your home or business is crucial.

In today’s economy, many consumers hesitate to purchase a new heating system because of the initial cost. The prevalent thinking is, if something isn’t broken and is in good working order, why should I fix it? Homeowners think they will save money by keeping an outdated heating system Pensacola. The exact opposite is true. Although the initial outlay is at least several thousand dollars, you will begin to realize savings immediately in your home energy bills. Costs associated with maintaining a home’s indoor climate comprise the largest portion of your energy consumption. Today’s units are much more energy efficient, resulting in utility bill savings that begin immediately.

How do today’s heating systems save consumers money? First off, any heating system Pensacola that is sold to you will have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating that is expressed in percentages. All furnaces sold in today’s market have an AFUE rating of 90 or higher, meaning these units use 90 percent of the energy supplied to them while the rest escapes into the atmosphere. Most heating systems Pensacola have at least a 95 AFUE rating, meaning even less fuel will be wasting, thus reducing your building’s carbon footprint even further.

Another advantage of contemporary heating systems is that many are also two-stage models, which even further reduces energy consumption. A two-stage furnace is more important in a warm environment like Pensacola because unlike old systems which run at full blast all the time, a new furnace has sensors that allow it to fire only some of the burners when heating is needed but the outside temperature is merely cool and not cold. Conditions like these are prevalent in Pensacola during the fall and winter. With two-stage heating, your furnace will rarely operate at full capacity.

In addition to two-stage heating, many newer units also offer variable speed motors, which increase energy efficiency even further. Variable speed motors are even more effective in two- and three-story buildings because heat rises to the highest floor. These motors also work via sensors to adjust the airflow required for delivery of heated air inside your home. Added to a two-stage heating system Pensacola, variable motor technology allows heat to be more accurately delivered, producing even less of a carbon footprint.

Advantages go beyond energy savings and minimizing the effect of energy used on the environment. New heating systems with the aforementioned technology provide much more comfort inside buildings in which they are installed. This benefit is more noticeable during initial stage operation because, unlike old-school furnaces, a hot blast of air will not emanate from air ducts. Instead, heat is delivered consistently at a lower rate allowing homeowners to set thermostats a degree or two lower than with a traditional one-stage furnace. Another fact that often comes as a surprise is that new heating systems are quieter than their older counterparts. Everyone is familiar with the jolt and clang that occurs when the furnace starts. With a newer system, ignition is virtually unnoticeable.

How does all of this help your air conditioning system? Air conditioning units work in conjunction with furnaces. During warm weather, the furnace blower continues to circulate air through the building. Return air is cooled over the condensing coil, which typically sits atop the furnace in the interior portion of a split system air conditioning unit.

Sizing a furnace to match a new air conditioning system is also crucial. Mismatched systems, even in cases where an older furnace is still working properly, can result in air conditioning system failure and produce higher costs in the long run. Sometimes the best solution is to upgrade your heating system Pensacola along with replacing your central air conditioner. Your Florida heating, cooling and ventilation contractor will guide you through purchasing the best size and type of indoor comfort systems that will best suit your needs.