Pensacola Home Improvement for Your Heating & AC

Published on: February 21, 2012

If you are looking to save money on heating and air conditioning costs for your Pensacola, FL home, there are some simple home improvements you could make to help you do that. First, check to see that your Pensacola, FL home has an adequate level of insulation. Some signs that you may have too little insulation include: your air conditioner run continuously all day without cycling itself on or off, or the ceiling of your attic being hot to touch. A professional heating and air conditioning repair and installation company in Pensacola, FL can perform an evaluation for you as well, to help identify issues.

Another area of a home prone to energy loss includes the doors and windows. If a window is only loosely secured, air can escape your Pensacola, FL home even when the window is closed. This can also happen with doors that have too wide of a space underneath. A solution to this problem is to use a caulking gun to seal any obvious openings near your windows. You may also want to cover the windows with clear plastic in cooler weather to keep the cold air outside. As for your door, check the width underneath as well as the side by the hinges to see how much air can escape when the door is closed. If it is necessary to replace the door, a service technician from a Pensacola, FL heating and air conditioning company can offer you product suggestions.

A programmable thermostat is yet another inexpensive upgrade you can make for an immediate difference in your heating and air conditioning costs. Unlike mercury thermostats, programmable units can be adjusted to different temperatures at different times of the day, whether you are home or not. You just set it each morning for lower temperatures while you and your family are away at work or school. If you have a fairly consistent schedule, you can set the programmable thermostat up to one week in advance. This includes making adjustments for evenings and weekends when people tend to be home more often.