We Are the Local Experts for Furnace Installation in Pensacola

Published on: December 28, 2012

A quality residential furnace installation in Pensacola is an investment that can keep your home cozy and warm for many years to come. Because modern furnaces are significantly more energy efficient than those produced only a decade ago, a new furnace can often pay for itself through savings on monthly energy and fuel costs. As a leading heating and cooling company in the Pensacola community, we’re pleased to offer a few savvy tips that can help ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your new furnace installation.


Look for Local Experts for Furnace Installations

Because our skilled HVAC technicians have extensive experience serving the Pensacola community, we’re familiar with the regional climate conditions that can determine the best purchase decisions. How do our techs know which makes and models work well in your neighborhood? Because it’s our neighborhood too. We’re not just committed to providing our community with furnace installations that offer long-lasting comfort and energy savings. Our goal is to develop enduring relationships with our valued customers. We make sure that our HVAC technicians have the skills and training that they need to provide necessary services for every heating system that we install.


Make Sure That the Furnace is Installed Properly

Consumer advocates and HVAC experts agree that proper installation is as important as choosing the right heating product for your home. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that up to 30 percent of a heating system’s energy efficiency can be impaired due to faulty installation. Getting the system sized right is the primary consideration. A furnace with a low sticker price may not turn out to be the best bargain. A too-small system will need to work harder to keep your home comfortable, driving up energy bills and erasing any upfront savings.

An oversized system not only costs more to purchase but can waste energy and money as well. A too-big system will quickly warm your home and cycle off just as quickly. Frequent on-and-off operation wears on the system’s parts, leading to repairs and shortening the service life. A furnace works best when each component is the right size.

Getting the size right requires performing a heat load calculation on your home to determine how much power the furnace needs to keep the environment at an ideal temperature. Our diagnostic experts will factor in your home’s size, design and building envelope as well as local climate conditions to determine the appropriate size for your new furnace. Our HVAC technicians will then present you with an estimate for the system’s annual operating costs as well as a quote for the installation.


Explore Furnace Options and Features

As home heating technology continues to improve, many furnaces now offer options that can improve both energy efficiency and performance. Here are just a few of the features now available that can improve your home’s comfort while saving you money:

  • Continuous even heat. Variable-speed blowers can slow down the air flow rate, continuously delivering gentle warmth. This feature helps eliminate uncomfortable swings in temperature. Some variable-speed models automatically adjust air flow depending on temperature settings to enhance home comfort even further.
  • Energy-saving ignition systems. Modern furnaces have ignition technologies that eliminate the need for a constantly-burning pilot light, saving you money on monthly fuel and utility bills.
  • Improved air quality. Modern filters can be up to ten times more efficient at filtering out particulates as conventional models. Electrostatic filters, for example, use electricity to filter out particles. If members of your household suffer from allergies, asthma or respiratory conditions, these high-tech filters can help them breathe easier.
  • Zoned heating. A furnace with a central controller as well as multiple dampers and thermostats lets the system deliver different levels of heat to different rooms in your home. A zonal approach to home heating is particularly effective in large homes where some living areas are used more often than others.

Even the most energy efficient furnace on the market requires regular maintenance. Our experienced technicians are not only expert at installing your new furnace but at servicing it as well. You can take proactive steps to maintain your new system by enrolling in one of our preventative maintenance programs. It’s a convenient way to ensure that your new furnace gets the seasonal check-ups that it needs to keep performing well over the long term. Our goal is to make sure that your new furnace continues to keep your family warm, comfortable and safe for many years to come.