What is Passive Dehumidification and How it Benefits You

Published on: May 16, 2012

Summers are humid in Pensacola, FL. Your air conditioning system works to remove excess moisture from the air. If the system works properly, the indoor air quality is healthy and comfortable for you and your family. You should consider a new air conditioning unit if your current one is ten or more years old.


New technology is available to save you money on your energy bill. It will greatly improve the indoor air quality in your home. Passive dehumidification is saving money on commercial buildings. This proven technology uses no additional energy to cool and dehumidify a building.


The process works in two stages using heat pipe technology. In the first stage, your ke2 pulls indoor air inside the unit through the filter. The air is drawn across the heat pipes. The pipes are filled with refrigerant that has been cooled. This fluid draws in heat from the air; condensation forms and goes down the drain to the outside of the house. The heated fluid travels to a storage area. It will be used again in the air conditioning system. In a regular air conditioning system, the air is delivered to the house at this stage. The indoor air quality is not the best it can be. With passive dehumidification, this is the first stage of the heat pipe process.


The air then goes to the regular evaporator coils. The coils are also filled with cooled refrigerant. The process happens a second time and is condensed and cooled further. The water drains to the outside while the evaporator refrigerant travels to the outside evaporator coils.


The air has been super-cooled at this point. It cannot be sent into the house without adversely affecting the indoor air quality. It must be heated to the desired temperature first. The air travels to the second part of the heat pipe system. The heated refrigerant from the first stage heats the air. Further condensation forms and is drained to the outside. From there, it is delivered to the inside of the house via the ducting system. If the ducts are cleaned on a regular basis, the house will have high indoor air quality.


Inside your Pensacola, FL, home, you can turn the thermostat to a higher temperature. The drier air, combined with the use of ceiling fans, feels cooler than moist air. Using a higher air conditioning temperature and Energy Star certified ceiling fans will result in significant energy savings.