Your Pensacola AC Needs Attention to Work Most Efficiently

Published on: February 23, 2012

One way to prevent having to pay for frequent air conditioner service and repair for your Pensacola, FL home or business is to obtain a maintenance service agreement. Typically, an annual or bi-annual inspection of your air conditioner and heater can be performed for a low yearly fee by a technician in the Pensacola, FL area. Maintenance is different from air conditioner service and repair in that it prevents problems rather than fixing them. The Pensacola, FL HVAC technician will make minor adjustments to both units. He or she will also let you know if you need more extensive air conditioner service and repair.


Another important thing you can do to head off air conditioner service and repair costs in Pensacola, FL is to make sure you clean or change the air filter regularly. When an air filter has dust particles and household debris stuck to it, the air conditioning unit is unable to operate as efficiently as it should. The dirty air filter slows it down and causes it to work much harder than necessary. Air filters are very inexpensive, so it should not cost you more than $10 a month to keep yours clean. It isn’t necessary to replace the filter every month, just clean it, but you should not go more than three months without purchasing a new filter.


You can prolong the life of your air conditioner by opening its door and vacuuming inside on a monthly basis. You will want to use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or a long hose from a regularly sized unit. Moisture and condensation can build up within the unit, leading to problems with the coils shedding ice particles or dirt. By keeping the floor of your air conditioner clean, you can avoid unnecessary air conditioner service and repair.

The coils of your air conditioner are another common culprit when it comes to inefficiency. They can get dirty quickly, leading to the same types of problems caused by a dirty air filter. You can take care of this by wiping the coils down with a damp cloth.