Preventive Commercial HVAC Maintenance Saves Energy

Published on: August 29, 2016
Contractor working on a commercial HVAC unit | AC Southeast®

Saving money on energy bills is a priority no matter how big your business may be, and there are many ways to go about doing so. One method is by conducting routine commercial HVAC maintenance. At the very least, this can help you to identify problem areas in the system. By addressing these issues, you can improve your unit’s efficiency rating, ultimately leading to lower utility costs. However, it takes a licensed professional to examine a unit for energy efficiency.

By keeping the following commercial HVAC maintenance information in mind, you can start taking immediate steps to boost your unit’s energy efficiency and to save yourself from future HVAC headaches.

How Does Maintenance Help Energy Efficiency?

Despite what you may think, understanding how regular maintenance can benefit your HVAC unit is  pretty simple. The average system contains over a hundred distinct parts, after all, and each one is essential to the integrity of the whole.

Over time, as the individual parts begin to wear away, the entire unit begins to suffer. When this happens, energy efficiency decreases and utility rates rocket. Only through constant attention can you catch these small issues before they become major ones.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

There are three ways to approach HVAC maintenance, and you should be familiar with all of them: deferred, preventive, and predictive.

If you’re trying to raise the efficiency of your system, deferred maintenance is not the way to go. As the name suggests, deferred maintenance involves always pushing back potential servicing. Over time, this policy can lead to untimely breakdowns and much higher repair costs. You can also expect the HVAC parts and equipment to start wearing away a lot more quickly.

Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, is exactly what you will need to do to ensure optimum system efficiency. By scheduling regular preventive servicing on your commercial HVAC unit, you can expect your system to last long and reduce your energy bills.

Predictive maintenance is very much like preventive maintenance, except that it is based more on the actual condition of the machine as opposed to a set schedule loop. Due to their similarities, preventive and predictive maintenance are the two ways to go for keeping your system in the best condition.

What Happens During Routine Servicing?

During a given scheduled maintenance check, there are some parts that a technician will need to see for assessment. These include sections of the indoor and outdoor unit, some of which are tricky to reach. It is very important that you refrain from tackling these issues on your own without professional help.

Outdoor Unit Checks: Energy Efficiency

A trained technician will likely have a look at the following areas to determine if further assistance is required. These are only a couple of the many available servicing options:

  • Cleaning away debris from the unit can keep passages open and prevent mold, mildew, and other contaminants from infiltrating the system.
  • Similarly, removing any obstacles from the drain opening keeps the system from backing up and helps the system stay on peak performance.
  • Checking to see if there is enough refrigerant pumping through the system will keep your unit from having to expend more energy to stay at acceptable temperature levels.

Indoor Unit Checks: Energy Efficiency

The following are just some of the areas to which a technician will pay particularly close attention:

  • If air filters are not properly checked, expect the system to expend more energy trying to pump out clean air.
  • An old or slipping fan belt can reduce airflow and make the air conditioner harder to hit the desired temperature.
  • Unclean evaporator coils, drain pans, and drain lines will similarly drive energy costs up.

Contact a Professional Contractor with AC Southeast®

Only through regular maintenance can you hope to stay on top of your HVAC system. Otherwise, energy bills will quickly escape you. Fortunately, AC Southeast® is here to help residents. For more information on what commercial HVAC maintenance could mean for you, we are your resource for certified HVAC techs in your area. Search within your state today.