Get a Heating Contractor is Montgomery Before it’s Too Late

Published on: November 30, 2012

Montgomery AL isn’t necessarily known for extreme winters, and those faced with limited budgets may limit their use of home heating systems in order to save money. When a system malfunctions and money is tight, it can be even more tempting to make do without repairs. Some will try to use their systems in spite of problems. Others will try to keep their homes comfortable without enlisting the help of a heating contractor. They don’t realize that they may be causing further damage to their systems in such instances. In some rare cases, the expense may be covered through a warranty. It’s important to get a heating contractor in Montgomery before it’s too late to repair the current system appropriately.


Warranties May Cover Your Costs

If your system isn’t very old, it may be covered by an active product warranty. It’s important to keep track of paperwork related to your heating unit so that you can quickly examine the details if your system malfunctions. Most brands have stipulations in their warranties explaining what companies are recognized in performing work on their merchandise. Look for a phone number or Web address that directs you to a listing of authorized repair companies in Montgomery AL. Selecting a heating contractor from this listing will ensure that your system is serviced correctly and that the work is covered according to warranty guidelines. Make sure of financial provisions of the warranty so that you know what portion of the costs you may owe.


Home Warranty Coverage

If you recently purchased your home, then you may be able to have your repairs done with only a small deductible required of you. If you have a home warranty, check the guidelines for obtaining service. Most protection plans include heating and cooling equipment, and you may be able to have a heating contractor in Montgomery fix your system quickly. The warranty provider may advise you of eligible companies or they may contact a heating contractor of their choice to do the work. Research your policy in order to be sure of the important steps to take in getting repair work done.


System Evaluation and Preventive Measures

If your family budget is restricted, it’s really important that you perform basic maintenance to keep your heating system in excellent condition. Change your filter at the beginning of the winter and check it monthly after you begin using your heater. Try your system in October or early November to make sure that it is functioning correctly. It’s important to make sure that your thermostat settings are adjusted. It’s also important to make sure that your heater is producing hot air. Good circulation is important as well. Lack of hot air should be addressed right away so that you can be sure of the issue being resolved before it gets cold. Poor circulation may be a sign of leaky ducts. While this may not be an urgent repair need, it can be costly if you ignore it. Heat loss through leaky ducts leads to additional stress on your system to produce enough heat, leaving you at risk of a malfunction. Duct sealing may save you money on your heating bill. A consultation with a heating contractor can give you a good idea of how much leaky ducts will cost and how much repairs will save.


Upgrading Your System

If your budget isn’t overly restricted, you may want to consider upgrading your system before winter arrives. It’s possible to save significantly by choosing an energy-efficient heating system for your home. An old system may cost you more because it struggles to perform. A new system may surprise you in its ability to reduce your energy bill. You will also find that there are many companies that offer high value coupons for those using authorized dealers to install their equipment. You can contact a heating contractor in Montgomery to learn more about current offers.

National tax credits and rebates have been available in recent years for upgrading to an energy-efficient system. In some cases, both installation costs and equipment expenses have been eligible. Each year’s requirements and rules can vary, and it’s important to investigate thoroughly before you proceed with such an upgrade.


It’s easy to put off contacting a heating contractor if your system seems to be performing well. However, a system that isn’t running optimally can cost you a lot of money in wasted energy. It’s especially important to take care of little problems before they can become serious issues. It’s also important to repair a malfunctioning system that is under warranty so that you don’t end up voiding your warranty. Examining your warranty information and checking with local contractors can provide you with the information you need to fix your heating system before it’s too late.