How You Can Save Money with an AC Tune-Up

Published on: May 9, 2012

If lack of energy efficiency in your Montgomery, Alabama home has you down, consider scheduling a preventative maintenance exam with a local air conditioning repair business. The majority of air conditioning repair companies in Montgomery offer annual service contracts to customers with several package options. The service contract typically includes an air conditioner tune-up in the spring, a furnace tune-up in the fall, preferential scheduling for non-emergency appointments, additional discounts on parts and labor and more. For less than the cost of one air conditioning repair appointment, you could have preventative maintenance performed instead.

In addition to energy efficiency, a preventative maintenance tune-up performed by an air conditioning repair company offers several benefits. A service technician from a Montgomery air conditioning repair company will thoroughly clean the inside of the unit, removing dust, mold and other bacteria that may have grown over the winter. This prevents the particles from being released into the air you and your family breathe, so there should not be as many issues with colds and allergies.

Improved energy efficiency is one of the greatest benefits of routine maintenance. After the service technician has completed the appointment, your unit should run quieter and provide a greater level of comfort. You should also notice lowered operating costs for your air conditioner on your next monthly utility bill. Although preventative maintenance is no guarantee that you won’t need future repairs, the likelihood of untimely breakdowns and expensive repairs later on in the summer is reduced. A unit that is properly maintained lasts longer, allowing you to put off the cost of replacement as long as possible. An investment in energy efficiency is your greatest defense against high operation costs.

During your scheduled maintenance exam, an air conditioning service technician will refill refrigerant gases, ensure all parts are firmly attached, change the air filter and other routine tasks. You should receive a checklist of all services that were performed at the end of your appointment. If the technician notices any system issues that require further attention, he or she will jot them down for you to consider for future energy efficiency upgrades.