Look for Problems with Your Heating System in Montgomery

Published on: October 26, 2012

Is your Montgomery AL home ready for winter? Before the chill of winter is in the air, you should take a little time to look for problems with your heating system in Montgomery. Identify heating system problems now so that if you find any issues with your system, you can address them and be ready for winter when it arrives.

Before winter arrives, turn your heating system on and test the unit to make sure that it is functioning properly. If you notice problems, you have time to address issues before the cold weather sets in. Turn on your heating unit. Set the thermostat so that the temperature is higher than the temperature in the room. Place your hand near one of the output registers. Do you feel a steady flow of warm air? Does the warm air flow from the register right away or does it take a long time to start to feel the air warm up? Does your system fail to turn on at all? Now is the time to discover whether you will need repairs for your heating system.

HVAC companies report that common heating system problems arise each year. These companies offer a listing of the five most common problems that can occur with a homeowner’s heating system in Montgomery. These five common problems include:


1.) Thermostat problems

Thermostat problems may be apparent by no heat coming from the heating unit. Thermostat problems can cause issues with the fan, as well. A thermostat problem is generally solved simply by replacing the existing thermostat. However, some symptoms that may be caused by a faulty thermostat may also be caused by a number of other problems.


2.) Dirty furnace filters

HVAC companies report that many people in Montgomery AL call for heating service only to find that their heating problems are caused by a clogged filter. If you notice that heat is slow to come out of the register or the flow of the air is low, check the air filters. You may have forgotten to clean the filter from last winter. Turn off the unit and replace or clean the filter. Test the heating unit again. Before you make the call to your HVAC company for service, first make sure that your problem is not simply that the filter needs changed or cleaned. You may save yourself the cost of a service call by checking the filter first.


3.) No heat or intermittent heat

No heat or intermittent heat may be a sign of many problems. However, one common cause for such problems is the furnace ignition switch. If your heating unit is fueled by natural gas or propane, you can check the pilot light. You may simply need to light the pilot. However, if the pilot is lit and the heating system still does not start, or starts only part of the time, you may need to replace the ignition mechanism. The furnace ignition mechanism is a common repair that is fairly inexpensive. These mechanisms will occasionally fail and need replacement. These ignition mechanisms will cause the heating unit to fail to start or only start part of the time. However, you may have issues other than the ignition mechanism.

For this type of problem, call a professional HVAC technician to diagnose the issue. No heat generated by the heating unit may also be problems with the thermostat. Rather than trying to troubleshoot the issue, call for service and ask that the company diagnose the problem.


4.) Problems with the system’s air flow

Air flow problems may be caused by a variety of sources and may manifest in several ways. Your heating unit may overheat. You may find that your heating unit does not heat your home as expected. Your system’s heating control mechanisms may seem to be out of whack. Air flow problems may occur for several different reasons. For example, your system may have a faulty fan motor. The system may need to have belts or bearings replaced. For proper diagnosis of air flow problems with your system, call a reliable HVAC company for a diagnostic.


5.) Lack of heating system maintenance

Your heating system in Montgomery needs regular maintenance just as your auto needs regular maintenance. HVAC companies report that many service calls for heating unit repairs could have been avoided if only the homeowner had properly maintained their heating equipment. HVAC maintenance is one way to avoid unexpected repairs and high energy costs to heat your home.

Lack of proper maintenance will increase the probability that your system will become less energy efficient and will heat your home less efficiently. Your HVAC company in Montgomery AL likely provides preventative maintenance service. Many companies also provide the option of purchasing maintenance service agreements. Such agreements will ensure that your system is inspected and maintained each year. However, even if you do not wish to sign an agreement contract with a Montgomery HVAC company, most will still provide a yearly maintenance inspection and tune up for you.

Check your heating unit before winter arrives. If you do not feel a steady stream of warm air, you may need to have your system inspected, maintained or repaired by a professional heating repair company. The good news is that winter has not yet arrived. You still have time to get your heating unit checked and diagnosed by a professional HVAC technician in Montgomery.