Servicing the Heating and Cooling System in Your Montgomery AL Home

Published on: September 14, 2012

Servicing heating and cooling in Montgomery AL requires enlisting a qualified HVAC company. When you live in Montgomery and your heating and cooling system needs maintenance or repair, a good HVAC service company with a proven track record is needed. Finding a service company that specializes in both heating and cooling in Montgomery AL is possible, however. Though good service companies are always in high demand, you can find a service in the area that will provide you with maintenance, repairs or even installation of a new system.


The Importance of a Good HVAC Company

Because good services that specialize in both heating and cooling in Montgomery AL are usually in high demand, it is advised that you locate and secure an HVAC company before you need emergency service or an urgent repair. If you have a good HVAC company that provides emergency repairs and regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system, you know that if and when you need service, you will know who to call. The best service companies offer emergency service for their customers. HVAC companies in Montgomery know just how important both heat and air conditioning are to residents of Alabama. With hot, long summers and winters where the temperatures dip below the freezing mark, both heat and air conditioning are necessary to ensure the comfort of you and your family.


Replace or Repair

Your heating and cooling system is likely one of the most important investments you make in your home. If you purchased the home with an older system, or if you installed your current system more than ten years ago, you may require repairs every year to keep the system functioning. If you find that your system is in need of servicing once per year or more, consider installing a new heating and cooling system. If you find that your current system requires an expensive component, such as a compressor, it may be time to consider replacement with a new system.

However, if your HVAC unit simply needs regular maintenance or the occasional repair, you can choose an HVAC service company that will provide good service at reasonable rates in Montgomery. Some heating and air conditioning repairs are not expensive. In fact, your system will probably need at least one component repaired over the life of the system. One part that fails and is not very expensive to replace is the capacitor. In fact, some HVAC companies advice customers to order an extra capacitor for their HVAC system to have on-hand when the part fails. The part, when ordered in advance, is generally under $50. If you have an extra capacitor if and when the one for your system fails, you will only pay a labor charge for the HVAC service company to replace the part.


The Cost of HVAC Repairs

The cost of an HVAC repair depends on the cost of the part and the cost of the labor to install the part. A good idea is to find a good HVAC company before you ever have issues with your system. When comparing different companies to decide which company to select, ask the hourly rate the company charges for labor. You could use the capacitor example to compare “apples to apples.” One strategy for determining rates that an HVAC company will charge would be to call them and ask them how much they would charge to install a capacitor into your brand and model of HVAC equipment. You will likely get a wide price range for such a service. Some companies may charge a “travel” charge along with an hourly rate. Others may charge a flat hourly rate for labor. Gather some data from four or five companies to get an idea of how much you would be charged for such a repair.


Emergency Service

Another factor to consider when selecting an HVAC company is their provision for emergencies. HVAC systems may fail in the middle of the night or on a Sunday. You will want to be sure that the company you select as your HVAC company provides emergency service, when needed. Another question to ask when exploring your options for HVAC companies is how much they charge for emergency service. Companies vary with regards to their policies about emergency service. Some companies will charge an “overtime” or “after hours” rate, which may be as much as 50 percent higher than their regular labor rate. Other companies may change a flat fee attached to the final bill for emergency service. Still other companies charge their regular rate no matter of the hour or day the service is needed. Be sure to ask about response times for both emergency service and service during regular business hours.


Finding the right HVAC company for you is as simple as knowing what questions to ask. Call a few different HVAC service providers to determine the best company for your needs.