We Provide Local Furnace Installation in Montgomery

Published on: December 14, 2012

When your home heating system in Montgomery begins to fail or falter, a new furnace installation can be the most cost-effective solution. Compared to their older counterparts, modern furnaces are energy-saving machines designed to provide maximum comfort for minimal energy expenditure and cost. Replacing an outdated furnace with a highly efficient product can slash your fuel and energy bills by as much as 30 percent. To achieve those savings, turn to your local experts to make sure that the furnace is sized right, installed correctly and properly maintained.

Your Local Furnace Experts

As a leading HVAC company in Montgomery, we’re not just well-acquainted with the latest and greatest furnace installation products. We know which products best serve the heating needs of your local community too. We’re your neighbors. Because we’re familiar with the local climate as well as local fuel and energy costs, we’re the company to call when you need a new furnace installation in Montgomery. Our experienced HVAC technicians have the expertise to give you an accurate quote for the furnace installation and an estimate for the system’s annual operating costs too.

Expert Home Analysis

Because we understand that the success of our company depends upon establishing long-term relationships with our valued customers, our expert installers will never pressure you in order to make a quick sale. Instead, our HVAC professionals will spend time inspecting your home to determine its specific heating demands. Data about your home’s size, overall design, level of insulation and number of windows will be analyzed by an industry-standardized formula to calculate the furnace size that will keep your home at a steady, comfortable temperature.

Our savvy technicians can also offer recommendations for home improvements that can lower your home’s heating demands, potentially enabling you to install a smaller-sized system. Leaky ductwork, for example, can reduce a furnace’s performance by up to 30 percent. If an inspection of existing ductwork reveals leaks or breaks in the air ducts, we can seal and insulate the ductwork for you. Other simple home upgrades include weather-sealing window and adding insulation to the attic.

Experts at Energy Efficiency

The less energy that your new furnace needs to consume to keep your family comfortable, the more money you’ll save. Our installation experts understand that when it comes to saving money on your new furnace installation, the lowest priced product isn’t always the best deal. A cut-rate sticker price usually indicates poor energy efficiency and that can send your monthly energy bills soaring. 

Furnace energy efficiency is reflected in the product’s annual fuel-utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, a measurement of how well the furnace converts fuel into heat. By law, the lowest AFUE rating for a gas furnace is 78 percent. Some models have ratings as high as 97 percent, converting nearly all of the fuel into household heat.

The presence of the Department of Energy’s Energy Star logo on a furnace also indicates high energy efficiency. Because weather is generally milder in the South, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designates a special “U.S. South” Energy Star label for gas furnace products sold in the southern market. According to the EPA, Energy Star certified gas furnaces sold in the South are up to 12 percent more efficient than standard units.

Expert Services

One of the most valuable benefits of choosing our HVAC technicians to install your new furnace is the assurance that your heating system will be properly serviced. Because our technicians have experience installing a wide range of HVAC makes and models, you can trust that they have the expertise to provide preventative maintenance to keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency over the long term. Scheduling regular maintenance is the most affordable way to enjoy optimum comfort, to prevent costly repairs and to extend the system’s service life.

Should your new furnace ever need a repair, you’ll enjoy the assurance of knowing that our HVAC technicians are available around the clock for emergency repairs. We understand that some furnace repairs just can’t wait for next-day service. For your family’s safety and comfort, we provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our commitment is not only to install the best product for your furnace installation in Montgomery but to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase for years to come.