Benefits of Bryant Heating Systems for Your Savannah GA Home

Published on: September 28, 2012

Though a heating system in Savannah GA is not used nearly as much as the air conditioning system, when you need heat in the cold months, your heating system to operate. When your heating system requires service or repairs, you need a heating system you can trust. A Bryant heating unit is one of the best systems money can buy. When you need reliability year after year, Bryant heating is second to none.


A Variety of Heating Systems

The benefits of installing a Bryant heating system are many. First, there are many Bryant heating technologies available. Bryant heating units include furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and hybrid units. Bryant heating units are energy efficient and versatile. Bryant also manufactures programmable controls and thermostats and air quality products for the home. No matter what you need for home climate control, Bryant has the equipment you need. In addition, Bryant heating and air conditioning systems are installed by Bryant factory authorized dealers to ensure that your air conditioner or heating system in Savannah GA is properly sized for your home and appropriately integrated into your home.


The Bryant Name

Bryant has been manufacturing air conditioning and heating systems for over 100 years. Because Bryant is one of the oldest and most respected names in air conditioning and heating systems. Bryant is a trustworthy and widely-known name in the heating and air conditioning industry. The Bryant company was founded in 1904 and has manufactured some of the most reliable and long-lasting HVAC equipment for the home since the company was founded over a century ago by Charles Bryant. The Bryant name is synonymous with quality and endurance. When you purchase a heating system, purchase Bryant so you know that you are getting the best.


How To Select A Heating Unit

If your old system frequently breaks down or if your system is costing you a lot of money each year in energy costs to operate, purchasing a unit may be your best option. When you decide that the time has come that you need to replace your current system, you may wonder how to go about selecting the right system for your home. First, decide if you need a furnace, a heat pump or both. The type of system you need in order to heat your home is largely determined by the region in which you live. A heating system could be a furnace, a heat pump or a combination of the two technologies.


Heat pumps are best suited for regions where the cool temperatures rarely dip below the 50 degree mark. Heat pumps work well in climates that do not have extended freezing weather and do not stay cold over long periods. Because your Savannah heating system generally is not required to handle extended periods of freezing weather, you could install a heat pump, particularly if you have another heating source. However, most HVAC professionals would recommend that you also install an auxiliary heating unit to make sure that when the temperatures do fall below 50 degrees, you and your family remain comfortable.


Furnaces may be powered by natural gas or electricity. Because your heating system is utilized for a short time throughout the year, you have the option of installing a furnace, a heat pump or both. If you have a heat pump along with a furnace, your heat pump will sufficiently heat your home during most of the winter. When the temperatures drop, the furnace kicks in to maintain comfort in your home.


When installing a new heating unit, you will need to decide the configuration of your unit. When selecting the configuration of the unit, one major consideration should be the energy efficiency of the system. The more energy efficient your system, the less money you will spend in electricity or gas charges to run the unit. The HVAC industry rates all heating and air conditioning systems according to their energy efficiency. These ratings are not dependent upon the manufacturer or the model of the unit. These ratings apply to all units across the industry.



The AFUE rating is a measure of how energy efficient a gas heating unit will be. The HSPF rating measures the efficiency of a unit powered by electricity. The higher either of these ratings, the more you will save in operational costs for the system. This means that if you purchase a heating unit with a high AFUE or HSPF rating, you will save money by conserving energy. Your gas or electric bill to run the system will be lower than with your old system or with a newer system with a low energy efficiency rating. To save money operating your heating unit, purchase the system with the highest energy efficiency rating that will fit your budget.