Five Signs That Your Savannah, Georgia Ductwork Is Leaking Air

Published on: June 22, 2012

As a homeowner in Savannah, Georgia, it is probably safe to assume that you own an air conditioning unit. If you’ve noticed that your unit isn’t cooling your home as much as it used to, then your air ducts may have suffered damage or wear. Five signs that your ductwork is leaking air include:


High Energy Bills

When you begin paying higher utility bills, you may have ducts that are leaking. You can review your past billing statements to check for variations. Another clue to leaking air ducts is that you’ve kept your thermostat at a reduced temperature during the winter, but your heating bills are still costly.

With leaking air ducts, you may be losing up to 40 percent of your heated or cooled air. Your system’s motor will be working harder, causing extra wear and tear to your HVAC unit. If you own an older home, then you are more likely to face duct issues and should have an inspection performed as soon as possible. We can thoroughly seal your air ducts, which will improve your unit’s energy efficiency and decrease your utility bills. After we service your residence, you will appreciate the additional comfort in your home right away.


Uncomfortable Rooms

When you have room temperature issues, such as spaces that are warm and stuffy or overly cold, your ducts may be seeping air. If you call us for air conditioning service, then we will check your unit for outdated attachment methods. With yesterday’s ductwork, your unit may be held in place with tape or caulking, which will break down over time.

With old systems, we often find ducts that are merely set into the floor without sealing the elements. If your unit’s material is metal, then we will be looking at your system’s sheet metal screws to make sure that they are holding your unit’s ducts to the can. You can determine your system’s attachment by removing the grate from your vent and peeking inside with a flashlight.


Twisted Ducts

Ventilation ducts are often hidden within your ceiling, walls, basement and attic. Therefore, reaching them for repair can be complicated. If your original HVAC unit’s installation included flexible ducts, then they may have become bent or kinked. When you call us for air conditioning service, we have the equipment and expertise to resolve your air vent leakage issues.

We can also complete a duct pressure test to confirm a leaking system. We may examine your home with a duct blaster, which involves a high pressure fan, or a blower door. With a blower door, we will pressurize your home. When our air conditioning service team arrives to maintain your home, we will examine your insulation – dark stains will indicate that your air ducts are leaking.


Duct Location

If your unit’s ducts are in the attic, basement or garage, then leaking may be a problem as their location makes them vulnerable to damage. Leaky ductwork can make your home miserable for allergy and asthma sufferers as leaks will allow outside air into your residence. In fact, leaking air ducts may permit pollen, moist air and exhaust fumes to come into your home and the ventilation system will spread the irritants throughout.

When moisture enters your residence, you may be at risk for mold growth, which causes numerous health risks. Our air conditioning service department will examine your ductwork for condensation. Dampness in your ducts will cause water to form and drip from your vents resulting in damaged ceilings and floors.


Rooms that are challenging to Heat or Cool

If it seems as though the air in your home is not as cool as it once was, then you may have air ducts that are leaking. In fact, it may not feel cold to you at all, and when this is the case, you should contact our service team to review your ducts for seepage.

Duct leaks may also cause your home to become depressurized, which can be dangerous and costly – combustible products may explode or your water heater may leak. During our duct test, we will bring a calibrated fan to your home and calculate the air that flows through the fan along with the pressure that the fan places on your ductwork.

When ducts are tight, the unit’s pressure will change with less air. We can review your ducts on both the inside and outside of your home. After we complete the test, we will notify you as to the extent of your leakage problems along with the efficiency losses you are experiencing due to air duct leaks. Once we’ve completed the sealing process, your home’s temperature will become noticeably more comfortable.


As a Savannah, Georgia, resident, you’ll be able to keep your home comfortable with a cooling unit. When our air conditioning service team reviews your system to make sure that your air ducts are working properly, you’ll be helping the environment while also lowering your utility bills, so everybody wins.