How a Professional Energy Evaluation Benefits Your Savannah GA Home

Published on: July 20, 2012

When you live in Savannah, GA, you deal with both swelteringly hot summers and frigid winters. Having an efficient heating and cooling system in your house can not only save you money, but it can also improve the comfort of your home and increase its market resale value. Having a home energy audit can ensure that you are performing the heating and air conditioning maintenance you need, while pinpointing possible problem areas in your home.


The goal of a home energy audit is to find ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. An energy professional will go through your home and look at everything from the size of your house, to your windows, your insulation, and your ductwork. At the end of the audit, you will receive a report detailing your areas of opportunity for lowering your energy use and letting you know about any heating or air conditioning maintenance that you may need. These reports are very thorough and will cite needed improvements in your AC and heating units, insulation, and detail where you need to patch gaps in your home’s structure.


Based on the information you are given after your home energy audit, you can make a variety of changes and updates to your heating and cooling systems, allowing you to save money on your electricity bills. For example, if your air ducts are not clean or have leaks in them, air conditioning maintenance can improve air flow. Repairing your ducts will reduce the amount of work that your heater and AC have to do to keep your home at the desired temperature. Additionally, many people have windows that are not caulked properly or do not have UV filters. Installing windows with UV filters can cool down homes during the summer and keep warmth in during the winter.


Once you make improvements to your house based on the home energy audit, you will discover that along with reduced electricity bills, your home is much more comfortable. When your insulation is not up to par, hot air escapes during the winter and cold air escapes during the summer, meaning that keeping your house cool or warm is a challenge. Further, if your windows and the joints in your house are not sealed properly, it can lead to drafts and rooms that are different temperatures from the rest of the house. By following recommended air conditioning maintenance suggestions, you can greatly improve the air quality in your home by ensuring that filters and ductwork are ideal.


Yet another advantage to a home energy audit to your Savannah, GA home is that it will improve the value of your house. With the price of electricity on the rise, people are concerned about the long term costs and efficiency of running a home. Studies done by the Appraisal Journal show that for every dollar-a-year decrease in energy costs, the value of a home increases by $20. With home values trending downward, increasing the equity in your home is not something most homeowners can easily ignore.


Finally, home energy audits can do more than just tell you what specific air conditioning maintenance tasks you need to perform. They can also let you know about a variety of issues that are not related to heating and cooling because it is a complete top to bottom examination of your house. These audits can discover termites, mold and structural damage, and other problems that you would not have known about otherwise. Discovering these issues allows you to repair them before the damage becomes too expensive or spreads even further.