Savannah GA Home Savings Due to a New AC Installation

Published on: September 14, 2012

If you live in GA, it is likely that one of your top concerns during the summer is keeping your home cool and comfortable. With the state’s humid and sweltering summers, it is important that your air conditioning system is powerful enough and efficient enough to keep your home cool without costing you a fortune on your power bills. If you find that you are constantly needing to have your current AC system repaired or that your power bills keep going up, it is a good idea to contact new AC installation Savannah GA based companies for pricing and information.

While you may think that living with your current inefficient air conditioning system is more cost effective than having a new AC installation done, it is actually often more cost effective to have a new unit put in. New AC installation equipment is up to 50 percent more energy efficient than equipment manufactured as recently as 10 years ago. A new AC unit allows you to dramatically reduce the costs of cooling your home, especially since the price of energy is continuing to rise.

Another reason that you should look into new AC installation Savannah GA based companies is because there are a number of new air conditioning systems and features that can make your home more comfortable, in addition to saving you money over time. As a result of attempting to make new AC installation equipment more energy efficient, many manufacturers have developed new types of air conditioning systems, including ductless and 2-stage air conditioners.

When you look into new AC installation Savannah GA services, you will discover that regular AC units have one large air handler that blows cool air throughout your home using the ductwork in your house. On the other hand, ductless systems use several air handlers throughout your home that do not require ductwork. This means that you have the ability to control the temperature in each room in your home, allowing you to save money by keeping rooms that you do not use warmer. Additionally, these systems save you money by eliminating the need for ductwork maintenance in your home.

If you have a new AC installation done with a 2-stage air conditioning system, you will see dramatic savings on your power bill because the majority of the time the compressor is only running at 65 percent. When your home needs more cooling, such as during the height of summer, the compressor will operate at full power. Additionally, regular AC units start and stop as the temperature rises and falls in your home. However, 2-stage units are always running, which regulates the temperature in your home to within a degree of your thermostat.

Another reason you should look into new AC installation Savannah GA services is because a new AC unit can reduce the amount of repair and maintenance that is required to keep your home comfortable. As air conditioning systems get older, they develop wear and tear that makes them more likely to break or shut down. Additionally, older units may start using more Freon or become inefficient at filtering your home’s air. This can lead to repeat maintenance, which can add up over time.

When you are comparing keeping your current air conditioner to having a new AC installation done, you should consider the cost of running both types of equipment over the long term. You may discover that it is actually less expensive to have a new AC installation Savannah GA service come in to your home and replace your older AC unit because of savings on your power bills and green energy tax credits from the government.