Schedule a Diagnostic of Your Heating System in Savannah

Published on: November 16, 2012

The generally mild Savannah GA climate can make it easy to forget that there will be times when you’ll depend upon your home heating system to keep your family warm and cozy. The last thing that you want on a bone-chilling night is to discover that your heater is malfunctioning. The good news is that it’s never too late to schedule a diagnostic of your heating system in Savannah. Regular inspections not only help ensure that your heater will work when you most need it but will save you money too.


Regular Seasonal Maintenance Services

Whether your home is heated by a furnace, boiler, radiator or a heat pump, all heating systems require regular maintenance to keep them operating effectively. Scheduling regular maintenance services is an easy and convenient way to make sure your heater is running safely and efficiently. Tune-ups increase a system’s energy efficiency, saving you money on monthly energy and fuel bills. Because well-tuned systems need fewer repairs and last longer, you’ll enjoy savings down the road as well.


Diagnostic Service Defined

As beneficial as regular maintenance services are, diagnostic services go a step further by evaluating the system to make certain that the heating system is delivering optimum energy efficiency. Trained HVAC technicians conduct specialized tests to compare the equipment’s energy efficiency ratings to the heater’s actual performance. It’s the most effective way to ascertain whether you’re getting the performance that you paid for.


Qualified Diagnostic Technicians

Good HVAC companies include diagnostic services in their regular maintenance programs. The best companies make sure that their technicians are well trained to do the job. When searching for HVAC specialists to perform a diagnostic on your heating system in Savannah, look for credentials that indicate the technician is qualified for the job.

Proof of License and Insurance. Naturally, you’ll want any contractor who enters your home to be properly licensed and insured. Professional HVAC technicians will be pleased to share their credentials.Industry Certifications. HVAC technicians endorsed by industry and trade organizations not only demonstrate a commitment to stay up to date on advancements in HVAC technology but to maintain the high standards that industry organizations demand.Factory Authorized Dealers. Industry leaders like Carrier require HVAC technicians to undergo comprehensive training before awarding them with the well-respected Carrier factory authorized dealer designation. Carrier also requires companies to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction as well, making it more likely that you’ll be pleased with the work performed by companies that have earned that distinction.Satisfaction Guarantees. Quality HVAC technicians stand by all the work that they do and prove their commitment to their customers by offering customer satisfaction guarantees.


Improving Heating System Energy Efficiency

A system diagnostic not only determines the exact level of energy efficiency of your heating system in Savannah but also identifies areas where efficiency can be improved. Experienced HVAC technicians can recommend the most cost-effective energy-enhancing solutions for your Savannah GA home, from home upgrades like improving your home’s insulation to system operation enhancements like cleaning, sealing and insulating ductwork. Regularly changing or cleaning your system’s air filter is one of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency. Your diagnostic expert can recommend the best filter for your system.


Safety Comes First

When it comes to maintaining your heating system with quality diagnostic services, your family’s safety is always the first priority. Faulty heater parts and equipment not only impair your system’s energy efficiency but can also pose health dangers for you and your family. Furnaces the run on oil or gas are designed to exhaust harmful byproducts out of your Savannah GA home through a flue or chimney. Without proper maintenance, parts are subject to wear and corrosion that can result in leaks, breaks and obstructions. These problems can allow dangerous substances like carbon monoxide to seep into your home’s living areas.


A heating system diagnostic not only give you the assurance that your heater will work safely and effectively when you need it but also helps ensure that you’re not wasting money on an inefficiently operating system. With quality diagnostic services, you’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that your family will be safe and warm for many winters to come.