What to do if You Have Problems with Your Heating and Air in Savannah

Published on: October 12, 2012

When you are dealing with life activities, it’s easy to neglect many household issues. Caring for your heating and air system may not occur to you until there is a problem. Simple maintenance issues can easily escape your attention, and it’s often when you experience a malfunction that you must face the fact that you really depend on your HVAC unit. Savannah GA summers are hot and uncomfortable at their worst, and your air conditioning unit is important in keeping your home safe during this extreme weather. The winters may not be quite as severe, but temperatures can drop significantly enough to warrant use of your heating system. A failure of the system may not be a pleasant prospect on one of those icy days. In either extreme, it’s important to know how to obtain assistance with your system.


There are many people who think that a quick Internet tutorial is the perfect solution for fixing household appliances and systems. However, your heating and air unit involves electrical connections that can create hazards to you and your home if they are incorrectly repaired. Additionally, every system is somewhat unique. This makes it important for the person servicing your system to have an excellent understanding of HVAC units in general. It’s also wise to have your system serviced by a company that is trained in dealing with your specific unit’s brand.


A Carrier factory authorized dealer, for example, is specifically trained by Carrier instructors in the methods and parts required for repair to the brand’s systems. The company sets high standards and stringent guidelines in certifying its representatives, assuring its customers of top quality in installation and service. Your attempt to service your own Carrier unit could lead to a voiding of warranties associated with the system. Working with unqualified repair companies could create the same type of warranty issues. If your system isn’t functioning correctly, it’s best to contact an authorized dealer for assistance.


It’s always important to work with a company that is reputable. You can contact the Savannah Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau to ask about a specific company’s reputation. These organizations can check for complaints that have been registered against specific businesses. You can also do your own online research to make sure that your prospective contractor doesn’t have poor business practices or performance issues. You should also check on a company’s licensing to make sure that it is in compliance with state contractor’s guidelines.


It’s easy to recognize that there is a problem with your heating and air when it won’t turn on. However, there are also cases in which an operational system requires service. Knowing what to look for can help you in determining your need for repair to your heating and air in Savannah. One of the most obvious concerns is a case of temperature problems in the air that flows from your vents. If your air fails to become hot or cold, then you need to contact your Savannah GA contractor for help. If you notice strange sounds at the site of your heating and air unit that don’t subside, you should turn off the system and call for assistance. If you notice a burning smell from your vents when you turn on your heater, allow a couple of minutes for the smell to subside. If it doesn’t clear up, then contact your service for heating and air in Savannah.


Less obvious concerns include poor airflow from vents and high energy bills. These may not be immediately obvious as problems with your heating and air system. However, they can be clues to your need for an HVAC professional to investigate. If there are inconsistencies in different rooms in the strength with which the air flows through vents, then you may have leaky ducts. They should be sealed in order to avoid energy loss. There’s a tendency to adjust thermostat settings based on your personal comfort. Unfortunately, this can lead to overheating or cooling other rooms when you have leaky ducts, wasting energy and raising your bills. It’s helpful to check your vents periodically to determine whether the air seems to be flowing correctly. If you have concerns, then contact your contractor for heating and air in Savannah in order to have your ducts checked as they may need to be sealed.


Energy bill issues can be a little trickier to trace to your HVAC system. If you haven’t had unusual changes in your usage of the system but are faced with a high bill, then you should think about having diagnostic services performed on your home and your heating and air system. Your HVAC professional can conduct an energy audit in order to determine areas of your home and system that are creating energy loss problems. He can also investigate your existing unit for problems. There are many energy efficient models on the market now, and if your system is quite a bit older, he may recommend upgrading in order to improve your home’s energy usage during the summer and winter months.


The most common times for a homeowner to face problems with an HVAC system are heat waves or cold snaps. Severe storms can also be serious, and it’s always wise to check your system after a significant weather event. Power fluctuations can also lead to the failure of appliances and systems, making it important to check your unit if your area has had problems with power supplies recently.