AC Airflow and Refrigerant Charge-How These Two Factors Affect Performance

Published on: August 30, 2012

Several factors affect the performance of your AC unit such as airflow and the refrigerant charge. In order to keep your unit functioning properly, you should consider an air conditioner tune-up. Once you contact our air conditioning service team for maintenance, you’ll have a system that will work more efficiently.


AC Maintenance


When we arrive to complete air conditioning service, we’ll assess your unit to determine the amount of refrigerant charge your system needs. We will also check your unit’s airflow by inspecting your home’s ductwork. We will notify you if your ductwork requires sealing or a repair.


The Importance of an AC Service Review


Your AC unit requires service in order to function efficiently. With the intricacies included in your HVAC system, you can considerably increase its lifespan by contacting our air conditioning service team for regular maintenance. A system that is running accurately will also create comfortable and even temperatures within your home.


The Advantages of Accurate Airflow


If your ductwork has debris clogs, or when your ducts are not the right size for air to flow smoothly into your home, then your unit must work harder to cool your residence. With a greater workload, your unit will suffer from increased wear and tear.

If you live in an older home, then you may consider contacting our AC maintenance team to review your home’s ductwork. Unfortunately, ducts can have additional problems such as leaks caused by nails, detachments and joint separation. We can also review the layout of your ductwork to ensure its efficiency. In some cases, leaking ductwork will send your home’s cold air into the attic or underneath your home, which is costing you energy dollars. Improper duct circulation can also prevent your home from reaching comfortable temperatures.

We will review the size of your ducts compared to your unit size as design problems can reduce your unit’s energy efficiency.




When your system is working properly with the right refrigerant levels, you’ll have reduced operating costs along with greater home comfort. Your unit will lower the temperature of your home more quickly, and your system may require fewer repairs.

Be sure to contact our AC maintenance department for a refrigerant charge as our professional staff will accurately charge your solution to the proper level. The solution contained in today’s refrigerants no longer includes planet-harming ozone. Therefore, when you contact our air conditioning service team, you can feel confident since we will use environmentally safe products.

Once your unit has the proper refrigerant charge and your airflow is working effectively, we will complete general maintenance on your air conditioning unit. We will check your system for leaks and complete a repair if your system requires one. We will also inspect your air filter and oil the moving parts of your system. We will clean your unit including the fan and the blades.

When we complete air conditioning service, we will check your unit’s drive belts for accurate tension and wear. Our team will thoroughly examine your AC unit’s air temperature as we’ll test the difference between you unit’s supply section and its air return. We will also check your room-by-room assessments and calculate the airflow for your entire home.


The Frequency in Which Your System Requires a Tune-up


You should request AC maintenance annually and may even consider a biannual package, which we will complete during the spring and fall. If we find a problem with your HVAC system during routine maintenance, then you should consider a full unit tune-up. After we complete your air conditioning maintenance, you can plan on routine upkeep such as air filter replacements and unit cleaning.

When you begin having problems with your air conditioning unit, you may consider upgrading your system. Today’s technology offers high-functioning AC units that are energy efficient. Once you install a new system, you’ll begin saving money on your energy expenses. You should also consider the environmental benefits of installing a new energy saving device.


Your HVAC Unit


As a homeowner, you will need a system that provides warm and cold air to your home. Therefore, your machine will include a heating element that contains a furnace and a fan for circulation. Your system has a cooling mechanism, which features an outdoor heat pump and an indoor evaporator coil. The two components work together to cool your home.

You should also have a programmable thermostat as you can significantly influence your energy efficiency with this handy device. Our air conditioning team can install a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. You’ll appreciate the reduction in your utility bills after you include the mechanism into your daily and annual routine.


When you contact our air conditioning service team for AC maintenance you’ll increase your unit’s efficiency and lifespan while lowering your energy expenses and demand on the planet’s resources.