Call Us for Accurate Estimates on Furnace Installation in Augusta

Published on: December 14, 2012

If you are looking for accurate estimates for your furnace installation in Augusta, give us a call to get started. We have served the needs of the community for many years in a variety of HVAC services. We provide reliable quotes so that our customers can budget effectively.

Augusta Heating Needs

While we don’t experience severe winters, we can encounter a number of days with freezing temperatures during the season. As you plan for your furnace installation, it’s important to think about the fuel source for your heating equipment. We are familiar with the climate trends and able to make appropriate recommendations based on your building criteria and your personal needs. We will do a load calculation to determine which systems are most appropriate. If your installation will be in new construction, you may have these selections identified in your plans. We are flexible and able to adjust based on your situation.

If you are placing brand new equipment for the first time, we will work to stay within your construction budget for furnace installation. Our quotes are accurate, enabling you to plan accordingly. We can provide you with a variety of options in your price range. We can also explore incentives that may prove valuable in enabling you to select a more advanced system than you expected.

If you are interested in exploring new energy-efficient furnaces before you make a final selection, we will be happy to present you with some excellent choices. You may appreciate the efficiency of a condensing furnace, and you’ll love the fact that this type of system reuses fuel emissions. You might also like the flexibility provided with a hybrid system. The dual fuel heating package enables you to take advantage of the efficiency of electric heating on mild days and the economy of gas heating on icy days.

As you decide on the right furnace, you will appreciate those models that also address air quality concerns. Humidifying furnaces, for example, infuse moisture into the air. The pain of cracked dry skin in the winter due to heating conditions in the home can be alleviated. This approach also reduces costs because your temperature settings don’t have to be as high to achieve comfortable heating.


Replacing an Old Furnace

If your system has failed and you are looking for a replacement, an accurate estimate is even more important. It’s not uncommon for a furnace failure to create real stress on a household budget. We will work with you to find the system that is most efficient and affordable based on your budget needs. Keep in mind that energy tax incentives can really help in recouping part of these costs. We will also check with our manufacturers for special offers that can lower your expenses.


After Your Installation

While your current focus is on your furnace installation, we strongly recommend some basic steps to keep your new equipment running optimally. While your system is in use, it’s important to monitor your filter. Start each winter with a new filter. Check at least once per month to make sure that there isn’t an excessive buildup of dirt. Replace clogged filters so that you don’t stress your heating equipment.

Preliminary tune-up service can identify problems with your equipment before the winter temperatures set in. We will check your furnace and make adjustments as necessary. We look for gas leaks and other problems that could affect the performance of your equipment. We will also examine your ducts for signs of leaks. With your system adjusted to manufacturer specifications, you can expect optimal efficiency and affordability from your furnace. If repairs are needed, you will have time to take care of them before the weather gets cold.


Repairing or Replacing

You may not be sure of the life expectancy of your furnace. If you need help deciding whether to repair or replace your furnace, we can perform a diagnostic to evaluate the condition of the unit. A furnace can last nearly two decades, but old equipment is definitely much less efficient than some of the most recent models developed. If your bills have been trending upward or if you have been dealing with a number of repair needs in recent years, you will probably benefit more from a replacement system. We will help you weigh costs against benefits so that you can make an informed decision.


Supplemental Heating

If your current equipment is not heating sufficiently, you may think that a new furnace is the only solution. We can provide options, however, for supplemental heating in some unique situations. If you have a new addition that isn’t connected to your ducts, for example, then you may want to supplement with a single-room mini system. This can also help if you have a room that isn’t well-insulated. Shade or wall materials can keep a room chilly in spite of central heating. A one-room heating unit can address the issue more effectively in some cases.


Year Round HVAC Services

While your current concern is your furnace, remember us throughout the year as you deal with your central air system. We can help with cooling and ventilation needs at any point. Air quality is gaining interest in the community, and we can provide you with lots of current innovations that address those concerns.