Manual J. & What is it and How is it Used to Size Your Home in Augusta, Georgia?

Published on: June 22, 2012

If you own an older Augusta, Georgia, home, then you may also own an outdated heating and cooling unit. When you need AC repair, we can evaluate your current system to make sure it is keeping your utility bills at affordable rates.


Manual J – a standardized method created by the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) Manual J determines the amount of heat that a particular building loses via ceilings, leaky ductwork, and walls. Other heat factors are also incorporated into the Manual J calculations – heat infiltration from windows, sunlight penetration, and heat produced by household objects.

When you require HVAC sizing assistance, our air conditioner service team can guide you. In addition to reviewing a unit’s Energy Star facts and capable output, we’ll assess your local climate, along with the dimensions of your home. Our company will check your home’s shape and the direction of the sun in relation to your home. Each of these factors is important because they will affect the way your heating and cooling system works.


Other relevant evaluation areas include your home’s insulation, air infiltration, the number of windows you have, along with their location, size and type. We will make note of the number of people who live in your home and ask you about your heating and cooling comfort preferences. Our company will review your home’s major appliances and assess the efficiency of your lights.

Expert information is published by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America or ACCA and is the recommended technique for ensuring a properly-sized HVAC unit. Our air conditioner service team uses the ACCA method. When you call us for AC repair, we will assess the size of your current unit to make sure it is working properly.


Older Units

Prior to today’s energy efficient construction, HVAC units were often oversized. In fact, old systems may be up to four times larger than what a home actually needs. Frequently, remodeling results in the addition of updated insulation, caulking, weather stripping, and the installation of energy efficient windows and construction. When we arrive for an AC repair call, we will evaluate the efficiency of your current unit.

Oversized HVAC units will break down more often as they work inefficiently and may cause uncomfortable temperature shifts. An improperly sized unit may not eliminate your home’s humidity properly, which can cause mold to grow.

If you choose to install a new system that’s properly sized, then you can expect a reduction of your utility bills along with a comfortable home throughout the year.


Sizing Methods

When you choose us for air conditioner service, you will receive an in depth evaluation of your home’s needs. In some cases, installers will recommend a unit based upon the product listings taped to the outside of the system. The listings will include information such as BTU per hour output, SEER and HSPF ratings, which your installer should review. Avoid a company that only uses this information to calculate the size of your system.

Other assessment methods to avoid are using the BTU calculation of your current unit and selling you a new one with the same BTU output along with recommending a unit based solely on the square footage of your home. Also, when a retailer uses a basic chart to calculate the heating and cooling needs of your home, they aren’t including enough information to give you a proper evaluation. When you contact our AC repair team, we will check numerous factors to ensure you have the right size.


Above and Beyond

When you contact our air conditioner service team for an estimate on a new system, we will measure your entire floor area, ceilings, walls and windows to calculate your home’s volume. Our company will also assess the R-value for your home’s insulation, construction materials and windows before recommending your unit size.

We prefer to issue a blower door test to check your home for air leakage and will review the areas of your distribution ducts. Our experts will evaluate your home’s joints and insulation by inspecting the seals. We will also assess the location of your supply and return registers.

Our professionals know that the placement of your home may affect the way your HVAC system works as your windows will cause the loss and gain of heat. When your home’s design features overhang, you may lose out on natural solar heat. Our evaluation team will also assess the climate in your area since humidity and temperature will greatly affect your unit.


Proper Unit Sizing

Once we’ve evaluated your home, we will print a copy of our calculations for you to keep, and as we design your new unit, we will use a computer program to make sure you purchase the right one. Our company will give you a written contract and make sure that you are satisfied. When you call us for AC repair or service in your Augusta, Georgia, home, we will use the Manual J method to ensure your system is the correct size for your residence.