Three Tips To Reducing AC and Water Heating Costs in Your Augusta, GA Home

Published on: May 2, 2012

Water heating and air conditioning costs can add up during the summer and winter months in Augusta, GA. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. Your air conditioning unit and hot water heater should be in great working condition to keep up with your household needs without breaking the bank. Use the tips included below to reduce the costs of both of these appliances.


Tip One: Minimize Hot water Use
You can significantly lower your water heater costs by minimizing your hot water consumption. The first thing you need to do is repair any leaks that your pipes, faucets and shower heads may have. Leaky fixtures can be costly. Install low flow fixtures into your home. To greatly reduce even more hot water consumption, you should consider washing your clothes in cold water. Have everyone in your home participate in finding new ways of using less hot water whenever possible. For example, taking shorter hot showers will reduce water heating consumption significantly. Lastly, turn the temperature of your water heater down to save on energy. Anything between 115 to 120 degrees F is sufficient.


Tip Two: Purchase Energy STAR Qualified Appliances
Older appliances use more energy and hot water than necessary. If possible, use newer energy-efficient appliances to significantly reduce your air conditioning and water heating costs. One of the biggest expenses in your home comes from using your appliances. The energy required to heat the water and cool your home can be costly. Choose appliances with the ENERGY STAR label. These energy-efficient appliances offer huge savings on your energy bills without compromising on comfort and performance. Instead of paying for an expensive air conditioning repair job, consider replacing it with one of the newer efficient appliances.


Tip Three: Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Water Heater and Air Conditioning Unit
Stay up-to-date with your air conditioning maintenance to avoid air conditioning repair. Change your air filter regularly to keep your AC unit working efficiently. Inspect the unit to look for any signs of damages. Your air conditioning repair costs can get expensive if minor issues aren’t taken care of promptly.


Lowering the temperature of your water heater not only saves you money, but it also prevents it from overheating. Test the temperature and relief value to ensure it is working properly. This is done by lifting up the lever, then letting it go. If you hear a gurgling sound, it is a good sign because the valve is allowing water to be released into the drain tube. You will need to replace your valve if you hear nothing at all while performing this test.

By incorporating some of these tips into your housekeeping routine, your savings will add up overtime. It will also help you avoid major air conditioning repair and hot water heater repairs in your Augusta, GA home. It’s a win-win situation. Save money and prevent an unexpected air conditioning repair or water heater repair by following the three tips included.