Why is High Efficiency Air Conditioning Worth the Extra Up-Front Cost? Long Term Savings

Published on: August 16, 2012

When you are looking to purchase a new air conditioning system, you may notice that there is a lot of focus on the energy efficiency of these systems. If you are like most people, your goal is to find the best deal possible, and air conditioning systems that are highly energy efficient tend to be the most expensive units available. In spite of that fact, if you are looking to get the largest return on investment, your best bet is to purchase an energy efficient AC unit.


There are a number of reasons that purchasing a more expensive, but energy efficient, air conditioning system is a better choice than less expensive units. Energy efficient AC systems save you money over time on electricity, they are better able to cool your home and they provide superior air filtration. Additionally, a number of new air conditioning systems that have high energy efficiency also come with a number of features, such as programmable thermostats, many of which can even be adjusted remotely through a wireless connection.


One of the main reasons that energy efficient air conditioning units have become so popular is that they can lower the cost of heating and cooling your home, which can lead to dramatic savings over time, especially with the cost of energy on the rise. Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of most people’s electricity bills are due to the energy it takes to run their AC or heater. This means that even though the initial cost of installing a new energy efficient air conditioning unit is higher than a regular unit, you will be seeing savings from the more efficient model for years to come.


In addition to providing savings on your energy bills, air conditioners that are more efficient are also better are better at keeping your home comfortable. To begin with, if you know that keeping your home as cool as you would like will not cost a fortune, you are more likely to allow your air conditioning unit to run more often. Additionally, AC units with higher energy efficiency usually come with more advanced technology that allows them to cool your home more evenly and quickly.


Air conditioning systems with high energy efficiency are also usually better able to filter the air in your home. Once again, efficient AC units normally have the best and most recent technology, and they are usually markedly better at filtering debris, mold and allergens from the air in your home. Since poor indoor air quality can lead to increased allergy and asthma symptoms, along with causing respiratory issues, air filtration is incredibly important.


Another benefit of choosing a new efficient air conditioning unit is that they often come with features like programmable thermostats. There is little point in expending energy to heat and cool your home when you are not there, but few people want to arrive to a hot or cold house and wait for the AC or heater to kick in. With a programmable thermostat, you can simply set your air conditioning system to adjust temperatures in your home according to when you are there. Reducing the amount of heating and cooling that you do can also turn into long term savings on your power bills.


Less expensive air conditioning systems may seem like a good deal, but AC units with high energy efficiency are actually are much better in the long term. They offer better performance, the latest technology and a number of features. Additionally, over time the less energy efficient air conditioning unit will actually cost you more money because they require so much more energy to cool your home.