Why it’s Important to Get Furnace Repair in Augusta

Published on: November 30, 2012

It’s easy to ignore minor problems with your furnace in Augusta GA, especially during a mild winter. While winters aren’t normally severe, the reality is that ignoring small heating problems can lead to more costly issues. Though you might be able to make it through the winter without your furnace functioning at its best, you may find that you end up needing to make a complete replacement because something simple wasn’t repaired. It’s important to get furnace repair in Augusta while problems are able to be resolved so that you can keep your home comfortable and your budget intact.

Knowing that there is a minor problem might be tricky, and it’s always smart to be proactive in tending to your heating system prior to and through the winter. By taking steps in maintaining and checking your furnace periodically, you can head off bigger problems. For example, it’s easy to ignore your furnace when the weather is pleasant. As the season transitions, though, it’s important to make sure that your furnace turns on and heats the air in your home. Mid-October is the ideal time to evaluate the condition of your furnace so that you have ample time for furnace repair to be performed before winter temperatures arrive.

Before you turn your heating unit on, check the filter for excess dirt. A small amount of dirt isn’t serious, but it never hurts to begin the season with a clean filter. A dirty filter can place extra stress on your system, leading to possible malfunctions. A moldy filter is another important issue. Enlist a furnace repair company to clean your ducts in order to limit further mold growth. The Augusta GA climate is conducive to mold growth, and protecting the health of your family should include monitoring of the development of molds in such an important household system.

Once you are satisfied with the condition of your filter, take time to turn on your furnace. Make sure that your thermostat is working. Check settings and adjust programming so that you are ready for weather changes. It’s easy to ignore these settings on that first cold morning of the winter, and taking care of the adjustments ahead of time will help you in avoiding overuse of your furnace. This is a great time to think about transitioning to a wireless thermostat. There are models available that enable homeowners to adjust thermostat settings from a computer or cell phone, and this allows for better management of energy costs.

Check the temperature of air flowing from the vents. You can use an indoor thermometer if you are interested in exact readings, but your main concern is making sure that the air is heating and flowing consistently throughout the house. Take note of strange conditions like burning smells, especially if they don’t seem to subside. Lack of hot air, poor airflow, unusual smells and unusual sounds from your furnace indicate potential for needing a contractor for furnace repair in Augusta.

Contacting a furnace repair company right away will enable you to make sure that your system is in proper working order before the winter temperatures arrive. Your airflow issues may be due to leaky ducts, and a mid-October check allows you to have your furnace repair company seal the ducts before it gets cold. Your contractor can perform an overall evaluation of your furnace and your home to determine energy loss issues that might affect your heating costs through the winter. He can also make sure that the mechanical condition of your system is good.

While maintenance and early checking of your system can help in heading off problems, it’s still possible to have a furnace malfunction during the winter. Many households encounter this at the beginning of the winter because they haven’t addressed basic maintenance issues, but others have problems simply because their systems are aging. Furnace repair in Augusta during this early part of the winter may take a little longer than you would like because there are so many homes faced with such issues, but provided weather conditions aren’t unusually severe, you shouldn’t experience serious discomfort. More serious situations arise when winter storms lead to damage to heating units because of excess stress. Make sure that your family is able to stay warm, and if it’s necessary, find another place to stay if service won’t be immediately available.

Your mid-winter furnace repair might be expedited if your household includes young children or elderly individuals. If your system is older, you may face the proposal of replacing your current furnace with something new. This is an excellent time to think about unique solutions to your home heating. One of the newer developments in the industry is that of dual fuel systems. You may want to think about using a combined furnace and heat pump system so that you have a backup source of heat if part of the system malfunctions. You will also appreciate that such a system integrates money saving features so that the best heat source for the conditions operates automatically.

Failing to obtain furnace repair right away can leave your home vulnerable to more serious and costly failures of the system later. While winters are not usually severe in Augusta GA, the lack of heat on a chilly day is never a pleasant experience. You can take steps to check out your system ahead of time so that you can have your system fixed before it gets cold. Being proactive is essential for keeping your home comfortable throughout the winter months.