Your Augusta Home Can Be Efficient and Save You Money

Published on: February 22, 2012

Save money in your Augusta, GA, home during an air conditioning repair and installation. Start in the attic to make your home energy efficient. Ensure the insulation meets the D.O.E. standards. Wrap the pipes with insulation to prevent freezing during the winter and condensation during the summer. Have the HVAC ducting inspected, insulated, repaired and cleaned regularly. Install soffit vents and a ridge vent or turbines for proper attic ventilation. This prevents extreme heat buildup in the summer from interfering with the HVAC system. It also prevents extreme cold in the winter, which can interfere with the house’s heating system.

Ensure the outside walls are insulated to D.O.E. standards as well. Insulate around window and door jambs using minimal expanding spray foam. Ensure the weather stripping around doors is in good shape. Replace threshold insulation strips to prevent air infiltration, which interferes with the HVAC system. Giving an Augusta, GA, home better insulation with an air conditioning repair and installation will reward the owner with higher energy savings.

The windows in Augusta, GA, homes should be insulated with double or triple panes. An air conditioning repair and installation company can help the homeowner choose the right model for the home. Many different styles are available to complement any décor or architecture. Awnings or shutters increase the energy savings in the summer by reducing heat gain. The HVAC system does not have to work as hard to cool the home, so the owner is rewarded with energy savings and a longer- lasting unit.

Attached garages are often not insulated. Heated air infiltrates the attic and the house’s walls, causing the HVAC system to work harder to cool or heat the house. Proper insulation will prevent this from happening.

One of the most overlooked items inside Augusta, GA, homes is the simple electrical outlet or switch. Without insulation, the air infiltration matches the amount of air that a two- foot by three- foot open window would have. Inexpensive foam insulation covers are easy to install. An air conditioning repair and installation company can advise the homeowner on the best insulation practices. The home can be an energy efficient money saver for the owner.