AC and Heating Not ‘Acting’ Right? Troubleshoot your Problem with These Tips

Published on: February 23, 2012

As a busy home or business owner in South Georgia, the last thing you want to spend time on is a heater or air conditioner that is not acting right. Our professional service technicians recommend troubleshooting your air conditioning and heating system with these steps before calling for air conditioning and heating repair.


Check the Power

Check whether the system has power. A recent storm, power surge or brownout may have tripped your circuit breaker or blown out a fuse.


Set the Thermostat

If you had a recent AC installation or furnace installation in your South Georgia home, the thermostat settings may need updating. Your thermostat reverts to preset functions when your system is shut down. Someone else in your home may have changed the settings, which could also result in your home being hotter or colder than your preference.


Inspect the Air Filter

Problems with your air conditioning and heating system often result from a clogged or dirty air filter. A dirty air filter does not allow air to easily pass through. Take out the air filter and inspect it. If it looks dirty, clean or replace it. Our professional service technicians do this for you during your annual air conditioning and heating maintenance visit.


If you achieve no results after troubleshooting your system, it is time to call for an air conditioning and heating system repair. Our professional service technicians provide heater repair, heating system installation, and AC installation services throughout South Georgia. We repair all makes and models of residential and commercial HVAC systems in South Georgia. Our services include emergency 24/7 repairs in our South Georgia service area for your comfort and convenience.

If your furnace or air conditioner is more than 15 years old, our trustworthy service technician may suggest installing a new heater or air conditioner. A new high efficiency furnace or AC installation for your home or business will reduce your monthly utility bills. Our knowledgeable and professional service technicians will assist you in choosing the best new heating and cooling system for your budget.