Call Us for Low Cost HVAC Installation in Albany

Published on: December 14, 2012

Whether in the cold of an Albany winter or in the heat of summer, you depend upon your HVAC systems to keep your home or business comfortable. With energy costs expected to continue to rise, staying comfortable without sending fuel and utility bills soaring is becoming a real challenge for home and business owners. The key to an affordable HVAC installation in Albany is energy efficiency. For long-term savings, the system’s operating costs are even more important than a low sticker price. The less energy that the system expends, the more money you’ll save.

Energy Efficiency Experts

When choosing a company for your HVAC installation, you need contractors who are not only knowledgeable about HVAC products but who are energy efficiency experts as well. Our HVAC technicians can offer multiple strategies that can help you lower your heating, ventilation and air conditioning costs. From improvements that enhance a building’s insulation envelope to retrofits for existing HVAC components, we can show you how to make an affordable HVAC installation even more cost-efficient.

Energy Assessments

A professional energy audit can help you determine where your home or business is wasting energy and money. During an energy assessment, our energy efficiency experts use specialized equipment like blower doors, surface thermometers and infrared cameras to pinpoint leaks. They’ll also inspect existing HVAC components such as ductwork and exhaust systems. Other factors that are considered when conducting an energy assessment include:

  • Your current energy usage and costs
  • The size, design and construction of your home or business
  • The unique heating and cooling requirements of your home or business

Our HVAC energy auditors may examine your current energy costs to help them establish your heating and cooling needs. Data such as the number of people that use the structure during working hours, the number of rooms that are in everyday use and the preferred temperature settings help determine the audit as well. Assessors will also examine the outside of the structure, taking note of wall areas and the number and size of windows and doors.

After the audit, our energy efficiency experts will give you a detailed report that includes recommendations for ways to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home or business. Upgrades like adding insulation to walls and attics, for example, make the structure easier to heat and cool. By increasing the building’s energy efficiency, you can often decrease the size of the HVAC system, saving you money on the upfront costs as well as annual operating expenses.

HVAC System Size

As a leading company for HVAC installation in Albany, we understand the importance of system size when it comes to saving you money. An undersized system may cost less to purchase but because the system will have to run longer to reach ideal temperatures, a too small system will drive up your energy bills. An oversized system, on the other hand, not only requires a larger investment but costs more to run. Oversized HVAC systems also tend to cycle on and off frequently, putting undue wear and tear on parts and equipment. Fluctuating temperatures make it hard for an oversized system to keep the environment comfortable as well. By carefully analyzing your home or business to determine your precise heating and cooling needs, our experienced technicians can help you choose the right-sized product for your HVAC installation. 

HVAC System Ductwork

With any new heating or cooling installation, it’s essential to ensure that existing HVAC components meet the new product’s specifications. If installing a new furnace, for example, your current ductwork may need retrofits to manage a stronger air flow. Leaky ducts can impair the performance of even the most affordable HVAC system, driving up your energy bills. Our skilled technicians can pressure-test your HVAC system for leaks. If more than 2 percent of the conditioned air is leaking from ducts, sealing and insulating them can help reduce operating costs.

When it comes to low-cost HVAC installations in Albany, we’re the company to call. Our savvy HVAC experts won’t just help you choose an affordable system for your home and business. They can also ensure that the new product operates at peak energy efficiency throughout the life of system. With helpful tips, energy assessments, regular maintenance services and timely repairs, we’re committed to saving you money while keeping your home or business comfortable.